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Suggested for ILIAS 9

1 New feature suggestions for ILIAS 9

Please add the feature you want to suggest to the following bullet list. Choose a suitable title, format it as a wiki link and save the paragraph. Then click on the red wiki link to create a new feature page. For more information please follow the instructions at ‘How to suggest a new feature’. The added suggestions will reviewed regularly and tagged with related metadata for sorting and listing them.

2 Already suggested features for ILIAS 9

The following features have already been suggested and tagged with metadata.
  1. Abandon (experimental) Postgres Support
  2. Additional Columns in «Submissions and Grades»
  3. admin only metadata on info page
  4. Automatic Save of Assignment Evaluation in Portfolio
  5. Basic ILIAS APP
  6. Catalogue View for Repository Items
  7. Centralizing online/offline status - step 3
  8. Chart
  9. Clickable Links in Personal Profile
  10. Creating A New Feature Page
  11. Custom metadata for file object
  12. Database: Announcing Entity Deletions with Established RI
  13. ECS - Build Course Title from CampusConnect / Campus-Management-System Metadata
  14. eSkript
  15. Extend ASQ: Page Content for Questions
  16. Extending ASQ: Competence Assignment for Questions
  17. Extending ASQ: Taxonomy Assignment for Questions
  18. File: direct download can be prevented to open info tab first
  19. Futher Improving Centent-Style Edior
  20. Get rid of client info in permalinks
  21. Hide Info-tab by Default for Selected Objects
  22. ILIAS page editor for info page
  23. improve metadata sections on info page
  24. Improved Creative Commons Support : add CC0-licence
  25. Improvement of mail system and mail creation
  26. Improvements for HTML-Frame in Mail
  27. Indexability of Object Types
  28. Internal links to Data Collection entries
  29. Introduce Online/Offline functionality for content page
  30. KS Personal Item
  31. Language Settings in User Content
  32. Language-sensitive Item Group
  33. Limited Display Time for Test Questions
  34. manual synchronisation of questions in tests after editing in pool
  35. Measure Working Time on Test Questions
  36. Multi-Language Titles and Options for UDF
  37. New Deadline Mode: Individual Deadlines in Exercise
  38. New Mail Template Context: Mail to Rater
  39. News Timeline: pdf-Upload
  40. Page Editor » Configuration of the availability of page elements
  41. Page Editor » Presentation of Object Sets in Page Editor
  42. Page Editor » Use Anchor with Internal Links
  43. Plugin Hook for Assignments
  44. Poll Improvements
  45. Portfolio Template as Start Object for Courses
  46. Presentation of Items WITHOUT Read-Permission
  47. Revamping Administration User Management
  48. Revision of consulting hours in portfolio
  49. Role-based editing of portfolios
  50. Search Results Presentation
  51. Security Update Notification for Admins
  52. Show availability and preconditions in modal
  53. Show new Tasks in Notification Center
  54. Streamline Behaviour of Forward Navigation
  55. Streamlining Mediacast and Mediapool
  56. Superiors can assign Competence Profiles
  57. Survey: «Info» tab can be switched off and new tab «Survey»
  58. Task Service for Portfolio
  59. Test Player « CTM »
  60. Test Player « E-Exam »
  61. Test Player « Preconditional Test »
  62. Test Player « Self-Assessment »
  63. Test Player « Test in LoC »
  64. Test Question Pool as Independent Object
  65. Tiles-View in »My Portfolios«
  66. Time Scheduling by Poll
  67. Touchscreen: Increase clickable area
  68. Use ILIAS page editor in exercise instructions and assignments
  69. What Links Here? (titles only) in the sidebar
  70. XML-Export for Portfolios

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