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Abandoned Features

1 Suggestions for Abandoned Features

In the following list you can add a request for removing a feature from ILIAS. The lists after show existing suggestions and already made decisions about abondoned features. For new requests to abandon a feature, please use the page template '… New Page for Abandoned Feature' when creating the wiki page.
A text explaining the process of abandoning features can be found at
Suggested to be removed in 6.0
Already Suggested

2 Removed Features

Scheduled to be removed with 6.0
Removed with 6.0
removed with 5.4
removed with 5.3
Removed with 5.2
Removed with 5.1
Removed with 5.0
Removed with 4.4:
Removed with 4.3:
Removed with 4.2:
  • Former chat implementation (see Replacement of the Chat System)
  • Digilib Books (first step: creation deacitvated; feature will be abandonned in 4.3)
  • SCORM editor: PDF/ISO Image export
Removed with 4.1:
  • Feature that allows users to start the tasks of a cron job via a HTTP request in 4.1
  • Import of ILIAS 2 forums into ILIAS 4 in 4.1
  • Course archives (obsolete due to new export feature) in 4.1
Removed with 4.0:

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