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Release 5.3

Timeline for 5.3:
  • Feature freeze at March 31, 2017
  • All features implemented and test cases completed until August 28, 2017
  • Release 5.3.0 beta1 published at August 31, 2017
  • End of testing phase at November 24, 2017
  • First stable 5.3.0 release published at January 25, 2018
  • Maintenance for version 5.3 ended with 5.3.23 at August 21, 2020.
List of Features
The following 124 features have been implemented and are part of trunk in release 5.3. If you want to know who has funded features for this major release, have a look at Who Paid What in ILIAS 5.3.
  1. 360°-Survey: E-Mail Reminder and Place on Personal Desktop
  2. Actions menu for table of questions
  3. Activation and Limitation of Shibboleth Users
  4. Adapted View Handling of Calendar
  5. Add field with dropdown-menu - without a second table
  6. Additional Data for Page Editor Plugins
  7. Additional sorting options for My Courses and Groups
  8. Administrating ILIAS as an LTI-Provider
  9. Allow multiple taxonomy rules per learning objective
  10. Allow superiors of participants to enter and view results
  11. Assign competences manually
  12. Background Task Service User Interface
  13. Calendar Details
  14. Calendar Details for Consultation Hours
  15. Changed Behaviour for Show List of Months
  16. Competence Reporting Panels
  17. Context Aware Page Editor Plugins
  18. Copy and Paste elements in ILIAS Page Editor
  19. Course Calendar: Separate Personal and Course Appointments View
  20. Creating a Portfolio from an Assignment
  21. Creating Groups from Who-is-online?
  22. Custom Metadata: Field Type Link
  23. Datacollection: Export and Import of Owner
  24. Dedicated permission for adding and editing metadata
  25. Deployment of Background Tasks as a General Service
  26. Detailed Appointment as Round-Trip Modal
  27. Didactic Templates for Sessions
  28. display applied content-style in editor
  29. Download Files from Calendar
  30. Explaining the Purpose of the Personal Profile
  31. Extend System Styles
  32. File Upload Service
  33. Filesystem Service
  34. Fileupload in participant record
  35. Filter for Edit-participants-table in Sessions
  36. Goto link for password assistance and account registration
  37. Group Period
  38. GUI for Chat in Repository: Abandon Options for Message Formatting
  39. GUI for Chat in Repository: Blocked Participants
  40. GUI for Chat in Repository: Export/Import
  41. GUI for Chat in Repository: List of Participants
  42. GUI for Chat in Repository: Online/Availability
  43. Hide Profile-Scheduled Competence Levels before Self-Assessment Data Exist
  44. ILIAS as LTI tool provider
  45. ILIAS Page Editor: Column Layout
  46. Improving adding a Blog to a Portfolio
  47. Improving notification on submission
  48. Individual date when node must be passed
  49. Internal Link to User Profile
  50. Introducing Positions for Granting Permissions over Users via Organisational Units
  51. Introduction of Staff page
  52. Item Group: Expand/Collapse
  53. KS-Entry: Scale Bar
  54. Landing Page for Editing in Portfolios
  55. Learning Module: Export Master Language without Media Objects
  56. Learning Module: Option for Starting Behaviour
  57. Letter Avatars
  58. Limit number of letters in Text Assignment
  59. Linking tabs within a portfolio
  60. Location of Taxonomies and Metadata
  61. LTI Authentication
  62. LTI Kiosk Mode
  63. LTI User Management
  64. LTI-Outcome-Service
  65. Mail from Course Members Gallery
  66. Make plugins configurable before activation
  67. Marginal Grid/List Calendar: Settings-Icon only for changing view mode
  68. Media Files for Working Instructions
  69. Media Pools: Export Master Language without Media Objects
  70. Media Pools: Upload Subtitles for Multiple Media Objects
  71. Metadata for Sessions
  72. Metadata in Detailed Appointements View
  73. Multicommands for members
  74. Native HTML5 SCORM Offline Player
  75. New Locale Role for Sessions
  76. New Objects-Settings for LTI-Provider
  77. New Permission: Amend Finalized Records
  78. Option to customize student id and student name for external SCORM content
  79. Page turning for blog
  80. Passed Status of Recommended Materials Triggers Competence Level Assignment
  81. PDF-Printing a Portfolio
  82. Personal Workspace: Recalculation of Hard Disk Quota
  83. PhantomJs
  84. Place and time when IA was held
  85. Plugin Slot for Appointements in Main Column Grid Calendar
  86. Plugin Slot for Detailed Appointement View
  87. Plugin Slot for PDF generation
  88. Plugins as Event Listeners
  89. Preset notification in wiki
  90. Preset notification of blog posts
  91. Printable Member List for Members
  92. Prompting Element in Portfolio
  93. Random Test: Check for Fully Stable Selection Configs
  94. Random Test: Extend Filter for Random Selection Rules
  95. Random Test: Get Rid of Repeated Questionpool Synchronisations
  96. Random Test: Selection Rule Creation using Repository Selector
  97. resorted and shortened menu of Personal Desktop
  98. Role-dependant Starting Point
  99. SAML Authentication
  100. Scope for Custom Metadata
  101. Second email address for user accounts
  102. Select custom fields in sort columns to customize user overview
  103. Separate Domain for Anonymous Access
  104. Setting different Titles for Navigation Entry and Page Title
  105. Show Number of Pages of PDFs
  106. Show Profile-Scheduled Competence Levels on Personal Desktop
  107. SMTP-Settings-Page
  108. SOAP Plugin Slot
  109. Sorting Files for Working Instructions
  110. Streamline Edit-participants table in Sessions
  111. Study Programme as precondition
  112. Support of Positions in Courses, Groups and Exercises
  113. Taxonomies for Sessions
  114. Title Placeholder in E-Mails
  115. Tutorial Support for Courses
  116. Update ILIAS-Internal External Links on Copying Container
  117. Usability Improvements Blog
  118. Usability Improvements Blog - Addition
  119. Usability Improvements Exercise
  120. Usability Improvements for Taxonomies (Selection by Topics)
  121. Usability Improvements Main Column List Calendar
  122. Usability Improvements Marginal Grid Calendar
  123. Usability Improvements Marginal List Calendar
  124. Usability Improvements Portfolio
  125. Use D&D-Fileupload for File-Versions
This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for 5.3:
Abandoned Features
The following features are abandoned with 5.3 and have been removed from the ILIAS source code:
  • none

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