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Release 5.2

Timeline for 5.2:
  • Feature freeze at March 31, 2016
  • All features implemented and test cases completed until August 29, 2016
  • Release 5.2.0 beta1 published at September 02, 2016
  • End of testing phase: January 08, 2017
  • First stable 5.2.0 release published at February 07, 2017
  • Maintenance for version 5.2 ended with 5.2.25 at June 06, 2019
List of Features
If you want to know who has funded features for this major release, have a look at Who Paid What in ILIAS 5.2.
  1. Additional Information in Members Tab of Study Programme
  2. Administrators can text Reminder E-Mail of Surveys
  3. Allow to modify competence presentation by plugin
  4. Blog and Portfolio in Object Statistics
  5. Booking also possible when a Timeslot has started
  6. Booking Tool: Reservation list usability
  7. Bulletin presentation for Survey Results
  8. Centralizing UI-Components
  9. Cloze Question Gap Type Syntax
  10. Compatibility to PHP7
  11. Competences - Split Spider Webs
  12. Container: Update links on copy action
  13. Content Snippets in Portfolio Pages
  14. Course-badge awarded for selected set of completed objects
  15. Course: Streamline Excel-Export and Print View
  16. Create drafts of forum postings
  17. Create New Pools from Random Tests having Lost Pools
  18. Data Collection - Clear Distinction Between Table And Field Managing
  19. DataCollection: Add filetype-filter-option to file-upload-fields
  20. DataCollection: Adding Plugin-Slot for Field-Types & Event-Hooks
  21. DataCollection: Confirmation before saving entries
  22. DataCollection: Implement Asynchronous XLS-Export
  23. DataCollection: Introducing a moderator-permission
  24. DataCollection: Multiple Views for a DataCollection Table
  25. DataCollection: Sorting of tables
  26. DataCollection: Using ? in table title
  27. Default Database Template Settings for 5.2
  28. Download of multiple attachments as zip-file
  29. DR 5.1 - Issue 06: Date/Time input fields on Small media Devices
  30. E-Mail notification to the participant of a survey
  31. Editable LP default mode for repository object types
  32. Enable Copy of Repository Plugin Objects with Container Objects
  33. Expand to getExcerciseXML to export more user data
  34. Export and Import Questions with Competencies
  35. Export HTML source code to Excel
  36. Export/Import of Repository Object Plugins
  37. Forum notifications with file attachments
  38. Glossary: Anchor Links for Definitions
  39. Glossary: Automatically Linking of Terms
  40. Glossary: Copy Terms
  41. Glossary: Link Terms
  42. Glossary: Show Advanced Metadata in Detail View
  43. Glossary: Show Taxonomy in Detail View
  44. Group Link
  45. Group Templates
  46. Groups and Courses: News Timeline
  47. History Mode for Personal Skill GUI
  48. HTML-Download of Weblinks
  49. ILIAS Folder Download – Wait dialog
  50. ILIAS Page Editor: Links for Sections
  51. ilPDO
  52. Implementing Open Badges
  53. Import and Export of Competence Categories
  54. Import/Export of SCORM LMs
  55. Improved Error Handling
  56. Improved Separating Submission and Navigation
  57. Improving print view
  58. Improving the Printing of Survey Results
  59. Include group memberships in course member export
  60. Include wiki page title in HTML title
  61. Individual Deadlines for different users
  62. Introducing Workflow Engine
  63. Introduction of Individual Assessment
  64. KS: Integration in Layout and Styles
  65. Learning Progress Trigger after Finish
  66. List of participants in an anonymous survey
  67. Media object image/media: custom size in percent
  68. Messaging Server
  69. Migrate built-in Group Types to Didactical Templates
  70. Minimum Waiting Time for Test Runs
  71. Moderators contributions highlighted by anonymized forum
  72. Multiple Choice - Restrict Maximum Selectable Options
  73. News Item Creation for Test
  74. Newsitems for Blog
  75. On-Screen Chat
  76. Page List : Numbered List
  77. Plugins for Org Units
  78. RBAC-based activation of sections
  79. Remove System Messages from Personal Desktop
  80. Revamp Indication of Questions Blocks
  81. Revision of Submission and Grades
  82. Separate Permission for Member Administration
  83. Server-Side MathJax Rendering
  84. Sorting in forums
  85. Sorting of attachments in alphabetical order
  86. Style Editor: Extensible Character Formats
  87. Support galera cluster for MySQL
  88. Support of OrgUnits in Courses and Groups
  89. Template Pictures for Badges
  90. UI: Form
  91. Uninstall Local Changes
  92. User Action Service
  93. User Clipboard
  94. Who-Is-Online: Advanced Settings
This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for 5.2:
  • "Course References" and "Category References" were re-labled to "Course Links" and "Category Links". 
The following features are abandoned with 5.2 and have been removed from the ILIAS source code:

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