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Release 7

Timeline for ILIAS 7:
  • Feature freeze at April 30, 2020 (deadline to suggest new features for this version)
  • All features implemented and test cases completed at November 12, 2020
  • Release 7.0 beta1 published and release-7 branch created at November 13, 2020 
  • Beginn of testing phase at November 16, 2020
  • End of testing phase planned for February 12, 2021
  • First stable 7.0 release planned for March 26, 2021
  • Planned maintenance for version 7: until Summer 2023

1 Required Software

2 Projects

3 List of Features

The following features have been implemented for release ILIAS 7:
  1. Appointment Modal - Access to other materials
  2. Assign Competence Profiles to Courses and Groups
  3. Automatic Preview Image for Mediacast Videos
  4. Clean up the member view
  5. Competences and competence profiles get tab «Assigned Objects»
  6. Compressed View for Question Blocks
  7. Course-specific user data placeholders for certificates
  8. Create objects from Upload Directory
  9. Customisable additional Scopes for openID Connect
  10. Deactivate option Cannot Participate
  11. Didactic Templates with Custom Icons
  12. Display Repository Root and Categories in Usage Intensity
  13. fallback language in learning modules
  14. Group and Course Mail Prefix
  15. ICAP virus scanner
  16. Implement Kiosk-Mode for ILIAS Learning Module
  17. Improve Weblink and Weblink List Handling
  18. Include Chat-Settings in Workflow for Personal Profiles
  19. Include Plugins into composer autoloader
  20. Including Comments in HTML-Export in Blogs, Wikis, Portfolios
  21. Insert Certificates in Portfolios only from Certificates in Achievements
  22. Introduction of Administrative Notification
  23. Introduction of Resource Storage Service
  24. Local Competence Profiles for Courses and Groups
  25. Mail: Optionally use globally defined Reply-To email address
  26. Main Menu: Use optinal role-based visibility for self-created items
  27. Manual Sorting for Competences in Competence Profiles
  28. Multi language support for Advanced Metadata
  29. multilingualism for content pages
  30. Multiple Views for a Data Collection Form
  31. Page Editor » Auto Save
  32. Page Editor » Column Layout
  33. Page Editor » Data Table Editing
  34. Page Editor » Drag & Drop
  35. Page Editor » Media Editing
  36. Page Editor » Multiple Actions to Page Elements
  37. Page Editor » Page Editing
  38. Page Editor » Section Editing
  39. Page Editor » Text Editing
  40. Page Editor » Transformation of Advanced Table ( former »Abandon the Advanced Table«)
  41. Permalink to competence tab
  42. Presentation Type Sessions View for Groups
  43. Reading Time for Content Pages
  44. Registration Procedure: No Registration Possible
  45. Separate Deactivate calendar option from Show calendar block option
  46. Set Personal Starting Point Calendar Mode
  47. Setup - Add migrate Command
  48. Setup - Add status Command
  49. Setup - Include Plugin Configuration
  50. Setup - Let update-Command change configs
  51. Setup - Update Plugins via Setup
  52. Show Session Date in Role Assignment
  53. Splitting up File Object into Object and Service
  54. Storing Specific Values for Competence Levels
  55. Streamline exporting and copying behavior with respect to online/offline-status
  56. Sumscores per Participant
  57. Transfer Items to TopItems
  58. Use File Storage Service for File Object
  59. Use Mediapool objects in Mediacasts
  60. Use New Filter for Cron Jobs Table
  61. Use New Filter for Didactic Templates Table
  62. Use New Filter for Plug-Ins Table
  63. User Agreement by Country
  64. Withdrawl of Consent  provokes deleting User Account
  65. xAPI: Statement Reducer

4 Changed Behaviour

This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for ILIAS 7:

5 Abandoned Features

The following features are abandoned with ILIAS 7 and have been removed from the ILIAS source code:

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