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Separate titles for container references

1 Description

It would be useful to have the option of separate titles for references of courses and categories.
As a default, the title of the actual course or category may be used, in addition there could be an entry field for a separate title (similar to how file objects get their titles).
There is a proposed patch that adds this feature to ILIAS 4.1, available through the bug tracker: 0006473: [patch] Allow optional titles for references

2 Status

  • Scheduled for: Release 4.3 (according to Stefan Meyer, the feature is scheduled and funded)
  • Funding: not needed
  • Development: Feature is to be developed by Boris Schröder, integration by Leifos

3 Additional Information

  • If you want to know more about this feature, its implementation or funding, please contact: bromberger (at)

4 Discussion

Jour Fixe, 09 Aug 2010: We highly appreciate this suggestion. Solution could be: two radio buttons in the create form: (a) Re-use title of course / category (b) Create customised title (when enabled a text field appears to enter title).
Jour Fixe, 20 June 2011: We postpone this feature due to missing funding. The patch for 4.1 cannot be used for 4.2 due to the general revision of creation screens.
The patch for 4.1 doesn't work anly longer in the latest revision 30226 of 4.1.
I'm just fixing it. So far it works again just some details missing.
It works under 4.2 also but there are the same details missing.
Where should I add the patch when ready?
Can it go into the official release?
Florian Suittenpointner, 23-01-2012:
The following changes have to be made in any case:
  • Users should be able to specify a different title when creating the reference
  • The status should change to a confirmation after creating ("Reference was created").
  • When calling the edit mode of the reference, the same screen appears as with creating it. It should be clearly realized that an existing reference is changed:
    There could be the yellow question mark message. The text could be: "Do you want to change the existing reference?"
JF 22 Feb 2012: We still appreciate this idea and schedule it for 4.3. Please contact Stefan Meyer to settle a possible funding for the integration of this feature.
Pascal, 22.02.2012, We also appreciate this idea but would expand it to every object (separate the title and description from the object itself and concatenate it to the reference). We know that this is probably not the same from a technical point of view but the users won't care.

5 Implementation

Last edited: 30. Nov 2012, 11:05, Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel]

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