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Display of Free Places in Groups

1 Description

In ILIAS it is possible to set up Groups with a fixed number of members. As soon as the number is exhausted, registration is no longer possible.
Unfortunately, it is not apparent at first glance for ILIAS users whether there are still free places in a Group.
Only after the "Join" action is triggered, the system displays whether registration is still possible. So, the user has to click through all the Groups.

Hochschule Krlsruhe programmed a function which allows to display the number of places and the number of free places of the group under its title (i.e., from outside the Group).
The customized files are available under

2 Status

3 Additional Information

  • If you want to know more about this feature, its implementation or funding, please contact: suittenpointner (at)

4 Discussion

JF 6 Feb 2012: We highly appreciate the idea. The feature is possibly already funded by the University of Stuttgart. The new implementation will also inlcude necessary performance improvements.

5 Implementation

Last edited: 29. Nov 2012, 16:07, Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel]

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