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Data Collection - History

1 Requirements

We like to introduce a history function similar to the wiki history function in ILIAS. It should be possible to display changes of a record and restore them.

2 Additional Information

  • If you want to know more about this feature, its implementation or funding, please contact: Martin Studer, studer + raimann ag

3 Discussion

JF 28 Oct 2013: How would the handling of referenced fields work? Would a reference point to a historic record? In general we would like to support this feature, if it does not get too complex to implement. Please provide some details and add it to the JF agenda again.
HL, 24.3.2014: Need more information about the crowdfunding initiative?
See Blog-posting (Feature 2):
or Crowdfunding-page:
If you want to contribute to this crowdfunding initiative by financing one or more of the listed features, please contact Hansjörg Lauener or Matthias Kunkel for further details.

4 Implementation


Last edited: 21. Apr 2015, 17:41, Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel]

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