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Assign Competence Profiles to Courses and Groups

1 Initial Problem

Assigning competence profiles is a tedious task right now. It can only be done globally and users have to be added manually and one by one to competence profiles. This makes the profiles virtually unusable for decentralised scenarios in universities in which course and group admins usually determine which target level of a competence should be achieved and which areas of expertise should be worked on.

2 Conceptual Summary

The competence management component of courses and groups should be extended in such a way that course / group admins are able to assign existing global profiles to their members. All competences included in a selected global profile are automatically added as competences for the course / group. They are listed under "Course > Competences > Competence Selection" and will be presented on the "Show" screen of the container's competence tab.
Global Settings
The possiblity for course / group admins to assign global competence profiles to their local members should be controlled by a new global setting (checkbox, default: inactive) in "Administration > Competence Management > Settings" called "Allow local assignment of global profiles".

If activated all course / group admins are able to assign any global competence profile to their course / group (respectively their members) if they have sufficent permissions to alter the competence selection of a course / group.
Assigning a global competence profile to a course / group (and its members)
Course / group admins should get the chance to select / deselect one or more existing global competence profiles to the current course / group by selecting it from the list of all existing competence profiles.
If the feature Competence profiles can be assigned to Roles was accepted and incorporated into the trunk, the technical step would be almost trival, since the current proposal would simply offer a new GUI (locally in each courese / group) for the functionality that was up to then only available in the "administration > competence management > profiles".
The database should store from which context the assignment of a user to a competence profile has been triggered to make necessary checks on leaving a course/group possible. There are 3 general cases:
  • Existing members: If a competence global profile is selected for a course / group, all existing members are then automatically assigned to the selected competence profile.
  • New members joining a course / group: New members should be assigned automatically to the selected profile(s) when they join the course.
  • Unsubscribing from a course / group: When a member unsubscribes from a course / group, he/she should be deassigned from the selected local profiles. Before a user is deassigned from a global profile by leaving a course/group, a check should be run if the same profile has been assigned to the user by another course or through the global admnistration.

3 User Interface Modifications

3.1 List of Affected Views

  • Course > Competences > Profile Selection (new subtab)
  • Group > Competences > Profile Selection (new subtab)
  • Administration > Competence Management > Settings (new option)

3.2 User Interface Details

Possibility for admins to allow course/group admins to assign a global profile to a course
The Tab "Competences" of courses and groups should receive a new subtab "Profile Selection". It should offer a toolbar with the button "Add Profile" and beneath a list of all selected profiles (each line (profile) having a shy button "Deassign Profile").

3.3 New User Interface Concepts

No new UI components.

4 Technical Information

No technical issues.

5 Contact

6 Funding

If you are interest in funding this feature, please add your name and institution to this list.

7 Discussion

JourFixe, ILIAS [jourfixe], 07 MAY 2019 : We highly appreciate this suggestion and schedule it for 6.0. Unlike shown on the screenshot above, it will only be possible to assign already selected competence profiles for a specific role to the course / group and not to add a new profile.
Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel], 31 JAN 2020 : Do we really need this feature for groups? Are there use cases where group activities are related to competences? 
JourFixe, ILIAS [jourfixe], 03 FEB 2020 : We still like this suggestion and re-schedule this feature for 7. Feature should support courses as well as groups (as groups are already tackled by the competence management).

8 Implementation

Test Cases
Test cases completed at 07 OCT 2020 by Zenzen, Enrico [ezenzen]
  • C36190: Globale Profile zuordnen
  • C36195: Globale Profile entfernen
  • C36191: Zugewiesene globale Profile einsehen
Approved at 2020-11-03 by Falkenstein, Rob [rob]

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