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Replace WebDAV library

1 Initial Problem

The WebDAV implementation is a part of the ILIAS core since many years. As old as the service itself is, as old is the used pear-library. This is problematic, because the library is outdated. And with outdated I mean there is no more development and there is no maintainer anymore.

2 Conceptual Summary

Because of the reason named above, we from the Lucerne University, suggest to exchange the pear-library with the sabreDAV library from sabreIO. And based on the new library reimplement the WebDAV-Service on ILIAS.

More information about sabreDAV: SabreDAV Documentation

3 User Interface Modifications

3.1 List of Affected Views

No GUI-changes in planning

3.2 User Interface Details

No GUI-changes in planning

3.3 New User Interface Concepts

No GUI-changes in planning

4 Technical Information

The old pear-library was located in the service directory of WebDAV itself. The new sabreDAV-library will be managed by composer. From the frontend point of view, there won’t be any changes.
Additional information: SabreIO offers additional to WebDAV a library for CalDAV and CardDAV. This would ease the implementation for these two services if needed. But I think, this is a topic for another feature request.

5 Contact

6 Funding

If you are interest in funding this feature, please add your name and institution to this list.
  • Hochschule Luzern

7 Discussion

JourFixe, ILIAS [jourfixe], 12 MAR 2018 : We highly appreciate this suggestion and schedule it for 5.4.

8 Implementation

{The maintainer has to give a description of the final implementation and add screenshots if possible.}
Test Cases
Test cases completed at 31.01.2019 by Winiker, Stephan [fawinike]
  • 25050: Activate/Deactivate WebDAV
  • 25051: Change Webfolders Instructions through the ILIAS Web Interface
  • 25052: Change Webfolder Instructions by Uploading a File
  • 25053: Open Course as Webfolder in Windows Explorer
  • 25054: Open Course as Webfolder in Finder
  • 25055: Open Group as Webfolder in Windows Explorer 
  • 25056: Open Group as Webfolder in Finder
  • 25057: Open Folder as Webfolder in Windows Explorer
  • 25058: Open Folder as Webfolder in Finder
  • 25059: Open Category as Webfolder in Windows Explorer
  • 25060: Open Category as Webfolder in Finder
  • 25061: Open Objects that aren't Containers as Webfolder
  • 25062: Open Webfolder where User has no Access as Webfolder
  • 25063: Open File in Windows Explorer
  • 25064: Open File in Finder
  • 25065: Open File where User has no Access Rights
  • 25069: Open file with forbidden file extension
  • 25070: Create/upload, rename, and delete files and folders in Windows Explorer
  • 25071: Create/upload, rename, and delete files and folders in Finder
  • 25072: Open file with forbidden file extension
Approved at 31.01.2019 by Winiker, Stephan [fawinike].

Last edited: 16. May 2019, 20:28, Winiker, Stephan [fawinike]

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