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Interactive Video

1 Requirements / Feature Suggestions

The Interactive Video Plugin aims at breaking the passivity of learning with video and audio content.

The plugin boasts a variety of features:
  • instructors can place questions within a video that will be displayed during playback as an overlay (while the video pauses automatically, of course)
  • available question types
    • Single Choice
    • Multiple Choice
    • Self-Reflexion Question
  • textual feedback and feedback jump marks to a time stap within the video for correct / wrong answers
  • students and instructios can place public or private comments / annotations within the video by using a textbox on the same screen as thee video
  • comprehensive overviwes over student answers with a CSV export function
  • anonymized annotation mode and hand-in mode for comments
  • students and instructorscan edit / delete / review their comments and results
  • HTML5 compatibility: audio / video playback through ILIAS mediaplayer (mediaelement.js)
  • supported media file types
    • mp4 / h.264
    • mp3
    • webm
    • ogv
    • ogg
    • ...
Download and installation instructions can be found in the ILIAS Plugin database

1.1 Feature requests

1.1.1  Vorschläge Uni Hannover

1.2 Small features / tweaks:

  • start of passage editable on comment creation below video
  • option to make comments private by default (but alterable)
In development: 
  • Fixate Modal dialog (only close it by click on the close buttons)
  • Auto resume after question answer
  • new button in playback screen: "Show all comments" + filter for comments of a single user | Uni Freiburg | contracted
  • mark passages: comments get a start and end time and will be highlighted visually when the marked passage is reached | Uni Freiburg | contracted

2 Additional Information

  • Idea / concept: Marko Glaubitz, marko.glaubitz@rz.uni-freiburg.de
  • Interest in funding: all fans of interactive videos
  • Maintainer: Guido Vollbach, Databay AG, gvollbach@databay.de
  • Implementation of the feature is done by Guido Vollbach, Databay AG, gvollbach@databay.de
  • Testcases by: (please add your name if you want to create the testcases for this feature)

3 Funding Parties

4 Discussion

5 Implementation

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