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Release 5.0

On this page you can see which features are part of ILIAS version 5.0 (formerly known as 4.5).
Additionally, you find approved guidelines, a list of features with changed behaviour and features that have been abandoned with ILIAS 5.0. All other features that were scheduled for 5.0 but could not be implemented have been moved to the Postponed page.
If you want to know who has funded features for ILIAS 5.0, have a look at Who Paid What in ILIAS 5.0.
Timeline for 5.0:
  • Feature freeze at March 31, 2014
  • First stable 5.0.0 release published at February 06, 2015
  • Maintenance for version 5.0 ended in July 2017
List of Features
  1. Bibliography: Automatic Link Generation / Connection to Link Resolvers of University Libraries
  2. Blog: Improving Overview Page of Postings
  3. Blog: Improving Overview Page of Postings (2)
  4. Blog: Link to edit mode of a blog on blogpage in portfolio
  5. Blog: New Posting Notification With Text
  6. Booking Tool: Book only a defined number of objects per user
  7. Booking Tool: Enhancement of Post-Booking Information
  8. Booking Tool: Recurrent Bookings
  9. Comments: Additional Settings for Public Comments
  10. Comments: Sorting Comments
  11. Course Management: Better Support for mass registration
  12. Course Management: Course relevant User data - Edit mode for admins
  13. Course Management: Revision of Course Learning Objectives View
  14. Data Collection - Additional media types
  15. Data Collection - Comments
  16. Data Collection - Easy Editing of Multiple Fields
  17. Data Collection - Edit button in single view
  18. Data Collection: Enhanced Permission Handling For DC Contributors
  19. Data Collection: Export and Import of Data Collections
  20. Data Collection - Improved navigation through records
  21. Data Collection - Default sort field
  22. Data Collection: Displaying of comments
  23. Data Collection - ILIAS module references with action menu
  24. Data Collection - New field type formula
  25. Data Collection - New record in referenced table
  26. Data Collection - Option: Click to Text or Pictures should forward to the detail page
  27. Data Collection - Preview of attachments
  28. Data Collection - Single view scrolling function
  29. Discussion Forums: Up / Down Voting for Forum Topics
  30. ECS: ECS Membership Status
  31. ECS: Deactivation of ECS token Mechanism
  32. ECS: Configuration of ECS Meta Data
  33. Exercise: Administration Setting: Add exercise to Personal Desktop
  34. Exercise: File as Peer Feedback
  35. Exercise: Include Exercise Deadline in Crs/Grp Calendar
  36. Exercise: Personalised Peer Feedback
  37. Exercise: Preserve solution teams in exercises with multiple assignments
  38. Exercise: Tutor Feedback in Peer Feedback Mode
  39. Exercise: Usability improvement in adding members to team solution
  40. ILIAS Page Editor: Accordeon behavior
  41. ILIAS Page Editor: Mobile Support Style Sheet Editor
  42. Learning Module HTML: HTML-LM Improvements
  43. Learning Module ILIAS: Progress status for learning modules
  44. Learning Module ILIAS: Learning Modules: Learning Progress based on Correct Answers
  45. Learning Module ILIAS: Restrict Navigation based on Questions
  46. Learning Module SCORM: Improving SCORM reports, incl. SCORM 2004: Reporting for interactions, Tracking data details in SCORM modules, Survey evaluation information from a SCORM 2004 survey
  47. Learning Progress: Precondition Failed for test object
  48. Learning Progress, Reporting and Statistics / RBAC: Permission Read Learning Progress
  49. Mail System: Mail System & Contacts Part of Autocomplete in member search
  50. Maps: OpenLayers Maps
  51. Metadata: More Types for Advanced Metadata
  52. My Workspace: Improvements for Shared With
  53. Org Units: Types for Organisational Units
  54. Org Units: Custom Metadata for Organisational Units and Types of Organisational Units
  55. Performance: Memory Caching Service
  56. Plugin Slots: Make plugins can use Skins
  57. Plugin Slots: Routing for Plug-Ins
  58. Plugins: Claiming of Advanced Metadata
  59. Plugins: Claiming of User Defined Fields
  60. Poll: Extension of Poll
  61. Portfolio / Course Management: Representing Current Courses in e-Portfolios
  62. Portfolio / Search: Need for Support & Support Offer Notification
  63. Precondition Handling: Extended precondition handling
  64. Precondition Handling: Finishing a learning module as precondition
  65. Precondition Handling: Precondition Triggers Learning Module and Plugin
  66. RBAC: Get Rid of Role Folders
  67. Registration: Further improvement of code-based registration incl. unification of registration and reactivation codes
  68. Registration-Login-Authentication: Secure Password Storage
  69. Repository and Categories: Content Item Sorting by Creation Date
  70. Repository and Categories: Sorting of Item Groups
  71. Search Engine: Optimisation of Autocomplete User Search
  72. Session: Send Mail to Session Participants
  73. Session: Limit maximum number of participants
  74. Session: Request Participation for Session
  75. Survey: Anonymous in Settings Tab of  Surveys
  76. Survey: Import of Access Codes for surveys
  77. Survey: Important additional informations for survey-evaluation
  78. Survey: Print and email own answers
  79. Survey: Status of a survey (finished or nor) in participant tab
  80. Survey Usability Improvements
  81. Tagging: Tag Cloud for Container Objects
  82. Taxonomies for Categories
  83. Test: Anonymized Manual Scoring
  84. Test: Cloze question: limit of possible characters
  85. Test: Competence Service for Test
  86. Test: Display Questions's Workingtime in Question Tables
  87. Test: Enter password again when continuing a test on different computer
  88. Test: Fixation of answers given when check is invoked
  89. Test: Item preview from question pool plus feedback
  90. Test: Manual scoring: save and jump to next student
  91. Test: Matching Question
  92. Test: Prevent auto complete and spell checking
  93. Test: Refactoring of Cloze-Question-Editing UI
  94. Test Question Pool: Cloze question: Points on gap combinations
  95. Test Question Pool: display Points in print view
  96. Test Question Pool: Multiple Choice K/Kprim
  97. Test: Refactoring of the Cloze Question type
  98. Test Results: Link the question with an anchor
  99. Test Results: Show points but do not display passed or not passed
  100. Test Results: Show right answers in Show users detailed results (marked passed)
  101. Test: Scoring: permit half points for all question types
  102. User Administration: Deletion of inactive Users - Mail-Alert
  103. User Administration: Display User-ID in User-Administration
  104. User Administration: Export of User-IDs in User-Export
  105. Usability: Avoiding Double Form Submission
  106. User Interface: Design Revision and UI Framework
  107. Wiki: Custom Metadata for Wiki
  108. Wiki: Extending Linking Options in Wiki
  109. Wiki: PDF Export of Wikis
  110. Wiki: Start Page Handling
  111. Wiki: Statistics with graphics and export for entire wiki and single wikipages
  112. Wiki: Template pages in each wiki
  113. Wiki: Wiki Page List Page Element
This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for ILIAS 5.0:
  • To enable the WebAccessChecker for Blogs, Portfolios and Poll please add another rewrite rule to your server configuration (see Data Directory Guideline and #13334):^/ilias/data/.*/sec/.*$

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