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Export and Import of Data Collections

1 Requirements

It should be possible to export and import a Data Collection object as any other ILIAS repository object. Thus, not only the Data Collection table entries can be exported but also the Data Collection structure with its table declarations and view definitions as well.
This will be important for example when transfering a Data Collection object from one ILIAS installation or client to another.

2 Additional Information

  • If you want to know more about this feature, its implementation or funding, please contact: Mirco Hilbert /

3 Discussion

Martin Studer (studer + raimann ag), 31 March 2013
I highly appreciate this feature.
Jour Fixe, 24 Jun 2013: We highly appreciate this extension of the data collection as it completes the feature. Scheduled for 4.4
Matthias Kunkel, 25 Oct 2013: Feature postponed and unscheduled due to missing funding.
JF Nov 25 2013: We still appreciate this feature and schedule it for 4.5.
HL, 24.3.2014: Need more information about the crowdfunding initiative?
See Blog-posting (Feature 2):
or Crowdfunding-page:
If you want to contribute to this crowdfunding initiative by financing one or more of the listed features, please contact Hansjörg Lauener or Matthias Kunkel for further details.
HL., 6.10.2013. The feature "Export and Import of Data Collections" is helpful if you want to create DataCollection-"templates" for your institutions, or for yourself. With this implementation, "References to ILIAS modules are not imported". This is in general a good choice, but could be a favored features when generating templates for yourself or your instition.
To implement the feature: Data Collection: Export and Import also References to ILIAS modules: This is a new feature, and some conceptual work has to be done. see:
  • where would the imported ilias-modules been created?
  • what if you have read-access to the modules, but no right to export them? ...)

4 Implementation

This feature is now available in the trunk. Exporting and Importing is handled via the standard ILIAS classes/GUIs.
In addition to "simple" record data like strings/numbers/dates, the following associated objects are exported:
  • Files
  • MOB (Media Objects)
  • Record View Definitions, COPage objects for the "detail view"
Not exported (user related data):
  • Ratings
  • Comments
Not imported:
  • References to ILIAS modules

Last edited: 03. Mar 2017, 14:54, Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel]

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