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Feature Wiki

Information about planned and released features



1 Purpose and Policy

The ILIAS feature wiki is a documentation of the current ILIAS software development activities and a means to support the cooperative and open development process. It should clarify what is developed by whom, when and why. And it gives you an overview of what has been developed in former versions of ILIAS and what development activities are planned for the future.
With a regular user account for this ILIAS installation you are able to add comments to existing feature pages as well as adding new feature requests (see information for 'Suggesting a new feature' in the right column).

2 Jour Fixe Agenda

New feature requests for ILIAS have to be placed here: Suggested for ILIAS 8. This list is open for suggestions until 30 APR 2021. Suggestions for Release 7 can no longer be made due to Feature Freeze!
If you want the Jour Fixe to discuss a bug report, please change the status of the report in Mantis to 'Needs Jour Fixe Decision'. All bug reports with this status will be treated in the next meeting » more
Due to the changed Jour Fixe process you can no longer set topics on the agenda by yourself. Please fill out the form "Suggestions for Jour Fixe Agenda" to apply for a slot in the agenda. Submission deadline is always one week before the next Jour Fixe.
For all other topics for the Jour Fixe agenda, please send a mail to the product manager. More about former development decisions in the recent jour fixe agendas and minutes.
October 26, 2020
November 09, 2020
November 23, 2020
  • Main topic will be "Planning of Big Projects for ILIAS 8". Suggestions can be made here!
  • Please set bugs to be discussed in Jour Fixe on status 'Needs Jour Fixe decision' in Mantis.
  • Agenda open for new features until November 16. Please follow the instructions in the FAQ and use the data collection to apply for a slot.
  • Please send suggestions for 'Miscellaneous' to the product manager.
December 07, 2020

3 Suggesting a New Feature

  1. Create a wiki page for the feature you want to suggest! Please follow the instructions on the page 'How to suggest a new feature and have a look in our new "ILIAS Community FAQ" (currently work in progress).
  2. Let us know about your suggestion by adding the feature's title to the list 'Suggested for ILIAS 8'. You can also apply for a workshop to clarify the concept and to prepare a promising feature request.
  3. If the feature request is complete according to our requirements for features requests, you can ask the Jour Fixe for a scheduled discussion of your suggestion. To do this, please fill out the form "Suggestions for Jour Fixe Agenda". Submission deadline is always one week before the next Jour Fixe.

4 ILIAS Versions

Have a look at the following release pages to see which features come or came with which version.

Upcoming ILIAS versions:Currently maintained versions:No longer maintained versions:

5 Categories of Features and Issues

5.1 Projects

The following projects für bigger development activities in ILIAS are in progress (ongoing) or have already been completed.
Large development activities for ILIAS 8 can be announced here and will be discussed at the Jour Fixe at 23 NOV 2020.

5.2 Modules and Features

Have a look at the module pages to see which suggestions have already been made. All feature requests should be assigned to the modules and services they are belonging to.

5.3 Deprecated Features

5.4 Plugins and Addons

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