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Suggested for ILIAS 8

This page is dedicated to collect all feature request for ILIAS Release 8 until feature freeze at April 30, 2021.

1 New feature suggestions for ILIAS 8

Please add the feature you want to suggest to the following bullet list. Choose a suitable title, format it as a wiki link and save the paragraph. Then click on the red wiki link to create a new feature page. For more information please follow the instructions at ‘How to suggest a new feature’. The added suggestions will reviewed regularly and tagged with related metadata for sorting and listing them.

2 Already suggested features for ILIAS 8

The following features have already been suggested and tagged with metadata.
  1. „Error Text“ - Restrict Maximum Markable Options
  2. »Set Online« & »Set Offline« for Manage Screen
  3. Abandon RTL-Support
  4. Abandon support for MyISAM engine
  5. Abandon the booking of different time slots within one reservation process
  6. Action «Add Competence Profile» in Staff
  7. Adaptation of the filter to the current Kitchen Sink Element
  8. Add to homescreen prompt
  9. Addition of missing icons for several main menu entries
  10. Allow to create introductory text in Item Group
  11. Alphabetical Sorting for Favorites and My Courses & Groups
  12. Alternative Expressions for Terms
  13. Assign skins to roles
  14. Assigning an object to a survey
  15. Automatical update of remaining test time after adding extra time for users
  16. Automatically send an E-Mail on specific situations
  17. Better Connect Classroom and Mediacast
  18. Blog Improvements: Authors, Inputfield, Cleanup
  19. Booking Trainers
  20. Calendar View for Booking Tool
  21. Certificates in Course Member Managment
  22. Clean /temp folder in data directory via Cron
  23. Cleaning Up the Learning Progress Presented to Users
  24. Clickable Links in Personal Profile
  25. Column Layout : Same Height for all Blocks
  26. Competence profiles can be assigned to OrgUnits
  27. Completion Status for Competence Profiles
  28. Computing Arithmetic Mean for Questions
  29. Content Recommended by Superior
  30. Content Recommended Through Contacts
  31. Content Snippets in Wiki Pages
  32. Copyright filter for media objects
  33. Copyright, Artist and License for Media in Page Editor
  34. Courses and Groups: Configure Info-Tabs as JOIN-page and only show it to non-members
  35. Create forms in question pool survey
  36. Create Portfolio from Template and for Global Roles
  37. Creating A New Feature Page
  38. Creating structured input in porfolio-page
  39. Criteria Catalogues are avaiblabe to Turors giving Evaluations
  40. Custom (User Defined) Booking Data
  41. Customizable List/Tile View for Modules/ItemGroup
  42. Default Configuration of Member Gallery in Courses
  43. Default Configuration of Member Gallery in Groups
  44. Deleting Sub-Styles
  45. Direct Device Camera Upload of User Picture
  46. Display learning materials of the Profil Target Level and all levels below
  47. Display of POST Booking Information in the tab Reservations
  48. Drag&Drop Files in Container Objects
  49. Dwell Time (Verweildauer) per question
  50. Edit target levels of competences in profiles
  51. Editable page area for competence profiles
  52. Embed Metadata in Portfolios
  53. Establish Referential Integrity
  54. Exercise: Filesize limit for submissions
  55. Extend Permissions of Competence Management
  56. Field Type Link List for Metadata
  57. File upload: add .sec to existing file extension instead of replacing
  58. Filter in »My Portfolios«
  59. Filters can be fixed and applied with default values
  60. Force language for placeholders for certificate creation
  61. Formula Question: Support additional php math functions
  62. Forum: Custom Metadata for Postings
  63. Full Screen mode for images as a greybox
  64. Generalized Management Functions for Referential Integrity
  65. Global Cache: Abandon xCache-Support
  66. Global Cache: Replace some Caches with Artifacts
  67. Hide Info-tab by Default for Selected Objects
  68. Hide profile selection if only one profile has been assigned
  69. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Test
  70. Improve «Manage Raters» Tab in 360° Survey
  71. Improve Bulk-Adding Participants to Suveys
  72. Improve Content-Style-Editor
  73. Improve Manage-Tab in Mediacasts
  74. Improve Manage-Tab in Weblinks
  75. Improve Mediacast Video Presentation
  76. Improve NIC registration
  77. Improve Progressmeter for Learning Modules
  78. Improve publishing options for personal profile
  79. Improve stability of advanced metadata
  80. Improve Statistics
  81. Improve Usability 360° Feedback Survey
  82. Improve Usability of  Export of and Access to Personal Data
  83. Improved Handling of Learning Sequences in Dashboard
  84. Improved Handling of Study Programmes in Dashboard
  85. Improved Request Membership Screen
  86. Improvement of finding skill usages and deleting skills
  87. Improvement of the booking process in Booking Tools with Fixed Schedules
  88. Improvement of the presentation of competence profiles
  89. Info Page: QR Code for Permanent Links
  90. Inherit Individual Stylesheet from Parent Object
  91. Insert Competence Profile into Portfolio & Portfolio Template
  92. Insert page Layout for Blogs
  93. Integrate On-Screen Notifications into Notification Center
  94. Integration of Preconditions in Settings Tab
  95. Integration of survey questions in ILIAS learning modules
  96. Introducing Assessment Question Service
  97. Introduction of a show more-function for competence entries
  98. Introduction of a Video Podcast-, Image Gallery- and Audio Podcast-type for mediacasts
  99. Introduction of bar charts
  100. Introduction of profil line diagrams
  101. Learning Module ILIAS and HTML: Info-tabs are scrubbed clean, can be switched off and Functionality moves to Learning Progress-tab / Action
  102. Limited View of postings
  103. Link in competence records directs to competence results tab
  104. Lock Content Snippets in a portfolio from a portfolio template
  105. Mail: Use of placeholders in subject
  106. Make « Add to Favourites » an AJAX Call
  107. Make Personal Profile aka vCard a Modal
  108. Making Operating Information of the Info-tab and Info-Action in Lists permission-sensitive
  109. Manual Sorting of Favourites
  110. Mass Category filtering lists objects from sub-tree
  111. Metadata Database for Metadata Suggestions
  112. Monas Perfect Project
  113. More Flexibility and better Metrics for Help
  114. More Options for Finishing 360° Surveys
  115. More Options for Results Presentation in 360° Survey
  116. Move Add New Item to Toolbar
  117. Multi-Lingual Taxonomies
  118. Multilingual Glossary
  119. multilingualism for item groups
  120. Multilingualism for Wikis
  121. Multiple Actions for Ownerless Objects
  122. New Colour Picker
  123. New features for a more autonomous way of using the booking tool online and analog
  124. New Question-Type: Date
  125. New Repository Object Type: criteria-based learning object
  126. New Tab in Blog: »Keywords«
  127. New task: Requests for membership
  128. No automatic log out / Users stay logged in
  129. Nudging user who blocks page editor
  130. Offline-Testplayer for E-Exams
  131. One stop for defining allowed upload files
  132. Online Status for one portfolio page
  133. Output Formats of Submissions
  134. Overview of resources in competence profiles
  135. Page Editor » Accordion Editing
  136. Page Editor » Calling Advanced Settings of Page Elements
  137. Page Editor » Code Editing
  138. Page Editor » Column Layout Part II
  139. Page Editor » Content Snippet Editing
  140. Page Editor » Editing Advanced Lists
  141. Page Editor » Employing Page Templates
  142. Page Editor » File List Editing
  143. Page Editor » Insert Resource List
  144. Page Editor » Interactive Image
  145. Page Editor » Making the Advanced Table responsive
  146. Page Editor » Service Elements
  147. Page Editor » Shortcuts in Editing Text
  148. Page Editor » Text Editing on small devices
  149. Password Storage: Support Argon2 Hashes
  150. Performance Appraisal
  151. Permanent Link forwards to Join Page
  152. Poll Improvements
  153. Portfolio Template as Precondition Element
  154. Profile target level is determined by last competence entry
  155. QR-codes to sign up for courses
  156. Read-only blocks in page editor
  157. Reading Time for Learning Modules and Blogposts
  158. Remove Tasks from Task List
  159. Request For Additional Approval when Requesting Membership
  160. Required Alt-Texts
  161. Responsive User Profile
  162. Revision of Access to Timings Settings of Objects
  163. Revision of Clipboard
  164. Revision of Language Handling in Page Editor
  165. Revision of NIC Registration
  166. Role-based Activation of Personal Blogs
  167. Role-based Activation of Portfolio
  168. Search in Glossary
  169. Searching Users by Competences
  170. Separate On-Screen Chat and Notication Center
  171. Separation of Self-Evaluation and other Types of Formation
  172. Sessions relative to course period
  173. Set multiple objects online
  174. Show Existing Item Groups in ILIAS Page Editor
  175. Show own reservations in the booking overview
  176. Solve Dilemma of SOAP vs Course-Export
  177. Sortable Task List
  178. Statistics of Views of Terms
  179. Streamline date filter of competences to courses and groups
  180. Streamlining and Improvement Authentications Login Page
  181. Streamlining Avatars
  182. Streamlining of permission handling in Learning Sequence
  183. Study Programmes shown in «Staff»
  184. Suggested Accessibility Process
  185. Survey: Appraisal Talk with OrgUnits
  186. Survey: Info-tab is scrubbed clean, can be switched off, and tab Survey
  187. Tab Overview of integrated Objects
  188. Target Ranges for Competence Profiles
  189. Task to Finish LOC
  190. Test neuer Feature Wiki Eintrag
  191. Test: Info-tab is scrubbed clean, can be switched off, and tab Test
  192. Tile View: Adjustable number of tiles in a row
  193. Time-limited sharing of  Portfolios
  194. Top Terms in Secondary Panel in Course
  195. Transfer Container Objects to Standard Listing Panel
  196. Transfer of competences into a reporting panel
  197. Transfer Repository to KS Tree
  198. Use Calender View to create Schedules
  199. User Presettings
  200. Validating Import

Last edited: 18. Nov 2020, 16:42, Zenzen, Enrico [ezenzen]

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