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Suggested for ILIAS 8

This page was open to collect all feature request for ILIAS Release 8 until feature freeze at April 30, 2021. It is now closed! New features have to suggested for ILIAS 9.

Features Suggested for ILIAS 8

The following features have been suggested and tagged with metadata until Feature Freeze at 30 APR 2021. If all necessary information has been added to a feature request, it can be discussed in the Jour Fixe and be scheduled for ILIAS 8. To add a feature request to the agenda, please add it to the Suggestions for Jour Fixe Agenda.
  1. „Error Text“ - Restrict Maximum Markable Options
  2. «Manage Members» in Organisation
  3. «Remove from Courses and Groups» Action
  4. «Select All» in Favourites
  5. (anonymized) Usage Reporting of xAPI Objects in Administration
  6. Abandon (deprecated) SOAP-methods
  7. Abandon Copying from Create Dialogue
  8. Abandon Database Benchmark
  9. Abandon Default Authentication Mode
  10. Abandon LOM metadata editor
  11. Abandon Milestones from Calendar
  12. Abandon RTL-Support
  13. Abandon SCORM Offline Player
  14. Abandon Submission of blog exercises
  15. Abandon the booking of different time slots within one reservation process
  16. Abandon Yahoo JS-Library
  17. Accessible Footer
  18. Accessible Main Menu
  19. Accessible Metabar
  20. Accessible Tool Tips
  21. Action «Add Competence Profile» in Staff
  22. Action Mail to Members on Session Appointment Modal
  23. Adaptation of the filter to the current Kitchen Sink Element
  24. Add multiple selection of taxonomies
  25. Add New Item Group in ILIAS Page Editor
  26. Add New Item to Item Group from Action Menu
  27. Add to homescreen prompt
  28. Adding Recurrence for Timings Settings of Objects
  29. Administration Overview
  30. Allow to create introductory text in Item Group
  31. Alphabetical Sorting for Favorites and My Courses & Groups
  32. Alternative Expressions for Terms
  33. Anonymized Display of SCORM-Tracking-Data
  34. Anonymized Display of Statements
  35. Appointment Modal - Rename Button Open Session
  36. Assigning an object to a survey
  37. Async Content Loading
  38. Audio question type in survey
  39. Autocompleted tag search and assignment
  40. Automatical update of remaining test time after adding extra time for users
  41. Automatically select criteria catalog after adding it
  42. Automatically send an E-Mail on specific situations
  43. Autostart for SCORM modules
  44. Better Connect Classroom and Mediacast
  45. Big Start Button
  46. Booking Tool Revision
  47. Booking Trainers
  48. Calendar View for Booking Tool
  49. Calender Entry for Individual Assessment
  50. Centralizing online/offline status - step 2
  51. Certificates in Course Member Managment
  52. Change LRS-Settings for existing cmi5/xAPI-Objects
  53. Change Slate Behavior
  54. Cleaning Up the Learning Progress Presented to Users
  55. Clickable Glyph for Notification Bell
  56. Column Layout : Same Height for all Blocks
  57. Competence assignment for essay question type
  58. Computing Arithmetic Mean for Questions
  59. Confirmation Mail to Sharer after Sharing a Portfolio
  60. Considering taxonomy assignments in export and import
  61. Content Recommended by Superior
  62. Content Recommended Through Contacts
  63. Content Snippets in Wiki Pages
  64. Copyright filter for media objects
  65. Copyright, Artist and License for Media in Page Editor
  66. Course metadata import+export
  67. Course: Show study programmes course belongs to
  68. Courses and Groups: «Info» tab can be switched off
  69. Creating and editing long taxonomies
  70. Criteria Catalogues are avaiblabe to Turors giving Evaluations
  71. Custom (User Defined) Booking Data
  72. Custom Metadata: (Better) support for controlled vocabularies / import of subject headings authority files
  73. Database: Detecting Violations for Referential Integrity
  74. Default Configuration of Member Gallery in Courses
  75. Default Configuration of Member Gallery in Groups
  76. Default values for newly added SCORM modules
  77. Define Default of »Session-Reminder« in Settings of User Management
  78. Deleting Sub-Styles
  79. Direct Device Camera Upload of User Picture
  80. Disable Multi language support for Custom Metadata Fields
  81. Display Activity Streams for xAPI Collaboration Object
  82. Display learning materials of the Profil Target Level and all levels below
  83. Display of POST Booking Information in the tab Reservations
  84. Download only selected submissions
  85. Drop «online» for Portfolios
  86. Dwell Time (Verweildauer) per question
  87. Edit target levels of competences in profiles
  88. Editable page area for competence profiles
  89. Establish Referential Integrity
  90. Evaluation for many Participants in Team-Assignments
  91. Evaluator Instructions for IndividualAssessment
  92. Exercise: Filesize limit for submissions
  93. Export SCORM with Metadata
  94. Faster submission of a file assignment
  95. Feedback in »My Portfolios«
  96. Field Type Link List for Metadata
  97. File upload: add .sec to existing file extension instead of replacing
  98. File-Object: Show number of downloads
  99. Filters can be fixed and applied with default values
  100. Flexible File Upload Limits
  101. Force language for placeholders for certificate creation
  102. Formula Question: Support additional php math functions
  103. Forum: Custom Metadata for Postings
  104. Frameworkless SASS
  105. Full Screen mode for images as a greybox
  106. Generalized Management Functions for Referential Integrity
  107. Global Cache: Replace some Caches with Artifacts
  108. Global Taxonomies
  109. Glossary Mode Flashcards
  110. Guided Tour
  111. Help Patch: Log Changes in Master Language
  112. Hide Info-tab by Default for Selected Objects
  113. Hide profile selection if only one profile has been assigned
  114. Human friendly plugin administration
  115. Ignore Task
  116. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Exercise
  117. Implement Kiosk-Mode for File
  118. Implement Kiosk-Mode for SCORM Learning Module
  119. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Survey
  120. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Test
  121. Import form of SCORM LM should be adapted to reflect the actual functionality
  122. Import option / interface for metadata
  123. Importing SCORM metadata into ILIAS metadata
  124. Improve «Manage Rater» tab in 360° Survey
  125. Improve Bulk-Adding Participants to Suveys
  126. Improve form for LOM metadata editing
  127. Improve Manage-Tab in Mediacasts
  128. Improve Manage-Tab in Weblinks
  129. Improve Mediacast Video Presentation
  130. Improve NIC registration
  131. Improve Page Element »Certificate«
  132. Improve Progressmeter for Learning Modules
  133. Improve publishing options for personal profile
  134. Improve stability of advanced metadata
  135. Improve Usability 360° Feedback Survey
  136. Improve Usability of  Export of and Access to Personal Data
  137. Improve usability of »My Portfolios«
  138. improve visibility of certificates
  139. Improved Filtering for Taxonomies
  140. Improved Handling of Study Programmes in Dashboard
  141. Improved presentation of ILIAS links in social media
  142. Improved Request Membership Screen
  143. Improvement of finding skill usages and deleting skills
  144. Improvement of the booking process in Booking Tools with Fixed Schedules
  145. Improvement of Typography
  146. Improvements in Versions
  147. Improving «Participant View»
  148. Individual Assessment: Improve Participants Table
  149. Info Page: QR Code for Permanent Links
  150. Insert Competence Profile into Portfolio & Portfolio Template
  151. Insert page Layout for Blogs
  152. Integration of Preconditions in Settings Tab
  153. Integration of survey questions in ILIAS learning modules
  154. Interactive Video - use page editor content / tinymce content in questions
  155. Intraday Cron Job
  156. Introducing IDs for Help Pages
  157. Introduction of a new Manage screens
  158. Introduction of a Video Podcast-, Image Gallery- and Audio Podcast-type for mediacasts
  159. KS Presentation Table in SCORM Tracking Data By User
  160. Learning objectives award badges
  161. Learning Progress: including a genuine percentage score for SCORM modules
  162. Learning Sequence: Improved Handling of LSO in Dashboard
  163. Learning Sequence: Replace TinyMCE with Page Editor
  164. Learning Sequence: Streamlining of Permission Handling
  165. List Files for cmi5-Packages
  166. Login/Logout entry is difficult to find
  167. LTI Consumer with support for LTI 1.2 and 1.3
  168. LTI Media Pool
  169. LTI Outcome Improvements
  170. LTI Page Editor Component without support for Learning Progress
  171. LTI Provider with support for LTI 1.2 and 1.3
  172. LTI: Support for further ILIAS objects
  173. Mail: Use of placeholders in subject
  174. Main Menu Item of the Link List Type
  175. Make Personal Profile aka vCard a Modal
  176. Making Learning Objectives-Driven Course a Type of Course instead of a Setting
  177. Manage Instruction Files in assignments
  178. Manual Sorting of Favourites
  179. Manually Add Users from Organizational Unit Subtree
  180. Mass Category filtering lists objects from sub-tree
  181. Matching Question – Additional Matching Mode 1:n
  182. Member Assignments for Import Type Campus Management
  183. Member Feedback
  184. Membership History
  185. Membership Information Tab
  186. Metadata Database for Metadata Suggestions
  187. Metadata interface for querying by referatories
  188. Minor Search Improvements
  189. More Flexibility and better Metrics for Help
  190. Move Add New Item to Toolbar and into Modal
  191. Multi-Lingual Taxonomies
  192. Multilingual Glossary
  193. Multilingualism for Wikis
  194. Multiple Actions for Ownerless Objects
  195. Naming teams
  196. Nested Taxomonies
  197. New Colour Picker
  198. New Filters for »Portfolios of other Users«
  199. New Page Element »My Badges« for Portfolios
  200. New Question-Type: Date
  201. New Repository Object Type: criteria-based learning object
  202. New Tab in Blog: »Keywords«
  203. New task: Requests for membership
  204. News Feed URL on News  Content Page
  205. No automatic log out / Users stay logged in
  206. Node Specific Tools
  207. Nudging user who blocks page editor
  208. Offline-Testplayer for E-Exams
  209. One stop for defining allowed upload files
  210. Online Editor for cmi5-XML
  211. Online Help-Improvements for ILIAS 8
  212. Open Blog Submissions from «Submission and Grades»
  213. Open Wiki Submissions from «Submission and Grades»
  214. Option for querying other ILIAS installations / repositories / referatories
  215. Option to put container objects with every object under CC license
  216. Overhaul of Test Question Editing Tabs
  217. Overview of resources in competence profiles
  218. Page Editor » Accordion Editing
  219. Page Editor » Accordion Editing (outdated)
  220. Page Editor » Advanced Table
  221. Page Editor » Calling Advanced Settings of Page Elements
  222. Page Editor » Configuration of the availability of page elements
  223. Page Editor » Content Snippet Editing
  224. Page Editor » Data Table Editing » Rearranging Rows and Columns
  225. Page Editor » Editing Advanced Lists
  226. Page Editor » File List Editing
  227. Page Editor » Interactive Image
  228. Page Editor » Making the Advanced Table responsive
  229. Page Editor » Media Editing » Part II
  230. Page Editor » New Create Menu for Page Elements
  231. Page Editor » Page Editing Improvements
  232. Page Editor » Page Element Question
  233. Page Editor » Reorganise Setting Text Content Menu in Editor Administration
  234. Page Editor » Shortcuts in Editing Text
  235. Page Editor » Spacer
  236. Page Editor » Visual Editing of Links
  237. Page Editor as Mode
  238. Password Storage: Support Argon2 Hashes
  239. Pause Accordion Carousel
  240. Performance Appraisal
  241. Permalink to Weblink Check Page
  242. Permanent Link forwards to Join Page
  243. Persisting Help IDs
  244. Poll as Page Editor Element
  245. Poll Improvements
  246. Portfolio Template as Precondition Element
  247. Possibility to reduce stored data for privacy issues
  248. Procedures for Deleting / Anonymizing xAPI Data
  249. Profile target level is determined by last competence entry
  250. QR-codes to sign up for courses
  251. Read-Only Sections in Page Editor of Wikis
  252. Rearrange Actions of toolbars in which hamburgers eat all entries
  253. Regulation of individual styles via RBAC / via Edit Settings
  254. Remove Configuring Favourites
  255. Remove Public Comments from Info Page
  256. Remove Tasks from Task List
  257. Repeatedly filling in the same survey
  258. Replace Tables with Responsive Elements
  259. Replace TinyMCE with Page Editor in Survey
  260. Required Alt-Texts
  261. Responsive User Profile
  262. Revision of Clipboard
  263. Revision of Language Handling in Page Editor
  264. Revision of News Filter
  265. Revision of News Overview
  266. Revision of NIC Registration
  267. Revision of Permission Concept in Individual Assessment
  268. Revision of Private Notes Overview
  269. Revision of Public Comments Overview
  270. Revision of the precision in the formula question
  271. Seamless developping instructional material
  272. Search in Glossary
  273. Searching Users by Competences
  274. Section Editing: Multi-selection of style classes
  275. Self-Evaluation counts into profile
  276. SEO for ILIAS
  277. Sessions relative to course period
  278. Set multiple objects online
  279. Setcard for Repository Items
  280. Setup - Move (more) Configuration from Administration to Setup
  281. Show and Filter Competence Profiles in «Organisation»
  282. Show more for Deck of Card
  283. Show more for ListingPanel
  284. Show only submitted answers, if the setting Scored Answers of Participant is enabled
  285. Show own reservations in the booking overview
  286. Show Peer Feedback after Feedback Deadline
  287. Smart module upload with minor changes
  288. Solve Dilemma of SOAP vs Course-Export
  289. Sortable Task List
  290. Sorting Panels in Dashboard
  291. Sorting Secondary Panels in courses and Groups
  292. Sorting Secondary Panels in courses and Groups
  293. Start SCOs/Assets without frame or iframe
  294. Statement Export
  295. Statistics of Views of Terms
  296. Streamline date filter of competences to courses and groups
  297. Streamline Usage of Page Editor in Context »DataCollection«
  298. Streamlining and Improvement Authentications Login Page
  299. Streamlining Avatars
  300. Study Programme: Automatically Add Users from Organizational Unit Subtree
  301. Study Programme: Customize Front Page
  302. Study Programme: New Action [Remove Certificate] for Members Tab
  303. Study Programme: New Action [Update Certificate] for Members Tab
  304. Study Programme: Page Editor Element for Required Actions
  305. Study Programme: Page Editor Element for Status Information
  306. Study Programme: Quota-Report for all Study Programmes
  307. Study Programme: Show UDF in Member List
  308. Study Programme: Superiors view (My staff)
  309. Study Programmes shown in «Staff»
  310. Submissions and Grades - Add new filter options Membership and the dates Submitted before Submitted after
  311. Submissons and Grades - Show submitted on and graded on by default
  312. Substitute old filter implementation by new one
  313. Suggested Accessibility Process
  314. Superiors enrol Employees in course
  315. Superiors manually create competence records
  316. Support Highscore for Single-SCO-Learning Modules
  317. Support LOR harvesting
  318. Support of CC Licences in Advanced Search
  319. Support Versions for Reporting on xAPI Learning Module Object
  320. Suppressing Chapters based on the Main Menu Items
  321. Survey: Appraisal Talk with OrgUnits
  322. Tab Overview of integrated Objects
  323. Target Ranges for Competence Profiles
  324. Task to Finish LOC
  325. Taxonomies for Categories: Improvements
  326. Test neuer Feature Wiki Eintrag
  327. Test: «Info» tab can be switched off and new tab «Test»
  328. Tile View to select LTI-Providers
  329. Time Scheduling by Poll
  330. Time-limited sharing of  Portfolios
  331. Top Terms in Secondary Panel in Course
  332. Transfer Container Objects to Standard Listing Panel
  333. Transfer Repository to KS Tree
  334. Type ahead for User Notification
  335. UI Components, Inner and Outer Content
  336. Updating certificate information after initial award
  337. Usage Intensity of Help
  338. Use Calender View to create Schedules
  339. Use ILIAS Page Editor for Welcome and Exit page of LSO
  340. Use LDAP as Data Source for Shibboleth Authentication
  341. Use Presentation Table for Members in Study Programme
  342. Use test results as preconditions
  343. Use user profile field match as precondition
  344. User Language switches help to translated version
  345. User Presettings
  346. User Settings: Configure away General Settings
  347. User: Password History - Prevent early reuse of passwords
  348. Users can choose a question block in a feedback-survey
  349. Validating Import
  350. Visualize Upload Progress
  351. Waiting List on Dashboard
  352. Waiting time should only be enforced if the test pass is failed
  353. xAPI Collaboration Object
  354. xAPI Media Pool
  355. xAPI simple Video Object
  356. xAPI Simulations Object
  357. xAPI: Basic Learning Progress Tracker
  358. xAPI: Configurator for determining Learning Progress
  359. xAPI: Enhanced Learning Progress Tracker
  360. xAPI: Learning Analytics with an external Learning Analytics Server
  361. xAPI: Learning Analytics with ILIAS-Integrated Tools
  362. xAPI: limited Learning Record Store (LRS)
  363. xAPI: Profile CMI-5
  364. xAPI: Profile SCORM
  365. xAPI: Statement Controller for focussed Statements
  366. xAPI: Sub-profiles for various authoring systems / apps with administration extension for xAPI
  367. xAPI: Support for further LRS
  368. xAPI: User Agreement for Data Privacy Issues

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