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Suggested for ILIAS 10

1 New feature suggestions for ILIAS 10

Please add the feature you want to suggest to the following bullet list. Choose a suitable title, format it as a wiki link and save the paragraph. Then click on the red wiki link to create a new feature page. For more information please follow the instructions at ‘How to suggest a new feature’. The added suggestions will reviewed regularly and tagged with related metadata for sorting and listing them.

2 Already suggested features for ILIAS 10

The following features have already been suggested and tagged with metadata.
  1. »or« Taxonomy in Question Pools
  2. Abandon Assign Materials from Personal Ressources in Competence Records-Tab
  3. Abandon Google Maps
  4. Abandon Timezones in Calendar
  5. Adding Metadata from Controlled Vocabularies
  6. Adopt Content: Allow Folders as Source
  7. Anchor-Links in the General Page Editor
  8. Assign Organisational Unit in User Account
  9. Assign Users From a Text File
  10. Bulk Actions for Exercise Assignments
  11. Cleaning Up the Learning Progress Presented to Users
  12. common administrative node »Legal Regulations«
  13. compact access to the »Legal Regulations« for users
  14. Configure Secondary Panel in Courses and Categories
  15. Copy Content from Media Pool via Page Editor
  16. Copyright filter for media objects
  17. Database: Announcing Entity Deletions with Established RI
  18. Deactivation of the context menu in mediacast objects
  19. Descendant Article Tooltip
  20. Disable Multi language support for Custom Metadata Fields
  21. Display of POST Booking Information in the tab Reservations
  22. Expand Copy Wizard With Settings
  23. Export Booking Pools
  24. Extension of the sharing options
  25. Filter No Organisational Unit Assigned in User Management
  26. Futher Improving Centent-Style Edior
  27. Hide Info-tab by Default for Selected Objects
  28. Ignore Task
  29. Improve File Upload in Mediacasts
  30. Improve Manage-Tab in Mediacasts
  31. Improve Navigation in Videocast view
  32. Improve Search within Help
  33. Improved Question Editing
  34. Insert page Layout for Blogs
  35. Introducing IDs for Help Pages
  36. Introduction of booking confirmations
  37. Investigating Caldav for Different Clients
  38. KS Personal Item
  39. KS-rendered Questions
  40. Link Linked Objects When Container Is Copied or Content Adopted
  41. Manual synchronisation of questions in tests after editing in pool
  42. Multi-action Add to Organisational Unit in User Management
  43. New Colour Picker
  44. New Version of Progress Meter 3/5
  45. Optimize Navigation in Learning Sequences
  46. ORCA Workflows
  47. Page Editor » Accordion Presentation
  48. Page Editor » Data Table Editing » Rearranging Rows and Columns
  49. Page Editor » Editing Advanced Lists
  50. Page Editor » Page Element Question
  51. Page Editor » Page Elements of Portfolios
  52. Page Editor » Reorganise Setting Text Content Menu in Editor Administration
  53. Page Editor » Shortcuts in Editing Text
  54. Page Editor » Spacer
  55. Page Editor » Text Editing on small devices
  56. Placement of Local Search on Small Devices
  57. Present Users Learning Progress as Secondary Panel in Course
  58. Process for Translating the Online Help
  59. Provide Rating for LTI-Consumer
  60. Provide Rating for LTI-Provider
  61. Replace table in Weblink
  62. Replace Tables with Responsive Elements
  63. Search Current Category
  64. Search Current Course
  65. Search in Glossary
  66. Search Loop for User Accounts
  67. Show and Filter Competence Profiles in «Organisation»
  68. Show Bar Charts in Assigned Competence Profiles in Achievements
  69. Show own reservations in the booking overview
  70. Simplification of media object creation
  71. Single Player Podcast View
  72. Streamline permalink position
  73. Suggested Changes for Family Article Popover
  74. Superiors can assign Competence Profiles
  75. Superiors enrol Employees in course
  76. Superiors manually create competence records
  77. Supported Formats for Media Objects
  78. Suppressing Chapters if Functionality is deactivated
  79. Task Service for Portfolio
  80. Tutorial Support as Secondary Panel
  81. Tutors can Bulk-Set Learning Progress Status
  82. Type ahead for Consultation Hour Manager
  83. User account email for sender-mail (from header)
  84. User properties as object precondition
  85. User Search in Staff Tab of Organisational Units
  86. Web Video Text Tracks for Video
  87. Weighting in Search

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