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Suggested for 6.0

This page was dedicated to collect all feature request for ILIAS 6.0 until feature freeze at April 30, 2019.

1 New feature suggestions for ILIAS 6.0

Please add the feature you want to suggest to the following bullet list. Choose a suitable title, format it as a wiki link and save the paragraph. Then click on the red wiki link to create a new feature page. For more information please follow the instructions at ‘How to suggest a new feature’. The added suggestions will reviewed regularly and tagged with related metadata for sorting and listing them.

2 Already suggested features for 6.0

The following features have already been suggested and tagged with metadata.
  1. Abandon Chat Viewer Block on Personal Desktop
  2. Abandon RTL-Support
  3. Accounting
  4. Add Intended Audience as Course Information
  5. Administrators can access My Workspace
  6. Ajax Solution Submission
  7. Appointment Modal - Bringing actions closer to the content
  8. Assign Competence Profiles to Courses and Groups
  9. Authentication for Backpack
  10. Auto-Fill Selected Competences
  11. Automatic Randomised Formation of Teams. Assignment type wiki.
  12. Beautification of Matching Question
  13. Better presentation of Suggested Resources 
  14. Calendar Revision III
  15. Carry-over text into Comments
  16. Centrally Administrating Mark Schemas
  17. Change Style of Test
  18. Clean up the Badges area in Achievements
  19. Commenting Page Editor Elements-Level or Character-Level
  20. Comments in TOC of Learning Modules
  21. Competence Development Chart
  22. Competence levels as percentages
  23. Competence profiles can be assigned to OrgUnits
  24. Competence profiles can be assigned to Roles
  25. Competence Profiles list objects
  26. Configure Page Editor Elements
  27. Configuring the Dashboard
  28. Consuming LTI in Repository – Extension
  29. Content Recommended by Superior
  30. Content Recommended Through Contacts
  31. Continuous Testing Mode Usability Improvement
  32. Convert Internal Links to Permalinks if Possible
  33. Copyright filter for media objects
  34. Counter for Competence Data
  35. Course Information «Target Group»
  36. Courses and Groups: Configure Info-Tabs as JOIN-page and only show it to non-members
  37. Creating A New Feature Page
  38. Creating substyles should start with values of parent style
  39. CTM: Revision of Question Subset Selection Screen
  40. Custom Metadata Administration - Revision of Presentation Menu
  41. Customisable Main Bar - Icon Upload
  42. Customizable Online Help Packages
  43. Description for Competences and Competence Categories
  44. Display Metadata in Content-Sidebar
  45. Display Private Notes along with Public Comments
  46. Display Repository Root and Categories in Usage Intensity
  47. Display starting time
  48. Drill Down Menu for Page Editor
  49. Enhance Sorting and Filtering in Permission Tables
  50. Escalating to superiors
  51. Exercise Points
  52. Export of huge amount of data categories
  53. Extended Test and Item Statistics
  54. Fallback simple configuration of Dashborad
  55. Field Type Link List for Metadata
  56. File: Info-tab is scrubbed clean, can be switched off, and is relabelled to Download-tab 
  57. FileServices: Centralized (File-)Storage
  58. Filter can be hidden and applied with a fixed value
  59. Filter-Configuration in Categories
  60. Forum: Precalculated statistics to improve performance of thread overview
  61. Gamification (Overview)
  62. Gaps within words (Cloze question enhancement)
  63. Get Rid of Single Objects Export While Exporting Containers
  64. Global Starting Point for Course Registration
  65. Gradebook
  66. Grading, Marking and Evaluating in Exercises
  67. Grading, Marking and Evaluating in Sessions
  68. Grading, Marking and Evaluating in Tests
  69. Grading, Marking and Evaluating in Wikis
  70. Hide chaptre if all pages are deactivated
  71. Hide Info-tab by Default for Selected Objects
  72. Higher level of security for HTML content
  73. Highlight Session Administrator in Member Gallery
  74. Ignore Task
  75. ILIAS can handle several help packages
  76. ILIAS Learning Module: Printversion without automatic numbering
  77. Improve Content-Style-Editor
  78. Improve mail notification for consultation hours
  79. Improve Setting Group „Content Item Sorting
  80. Improve Start Button in Tests and Surveys
  81. Improve Usability of  Export of and Access to Personal Data
  82. Improve Usability of My Workspace
  83. Improved filter in test question pools
  84. Improved test question sharing
  85. Improvement of Typography
  86. Inactivation of Expired Users via Cron
  87. Include Learning Progress of linked courses
  88. inform admins when membership request has been withdrawn, not only after it has been requested
  89. Interactive Video - embedding of an interactive video in content pages (e.g. learning modules)
  90. Interactive Video - filter for comment and questions table
  91. Interactive Video - improve usability of comment export
  92. Interactive Video - mark questions on playback progress bar
  93. Interactive Video - multiple video sources in an IV
  94. Interactive Video - New Permission / Setting Add Question
  95. Interactive Video - new playback options (custom playback speed, ....)
  96. Interactive Video - Show Best Solution
  97. Interactive Video - show dynamic side content (text / images) next to video during playback
  98. Internal Links in Question Feedback (ILIAS Learning Module)
  99. Introduce Competence Management for Learning Sequences
  100. Introducing »Prompts« to the Comment-Service
  101. Introduction of Lifecycle Service
  102. Inviting Users to Join Groups
  103. KS Embedded Tree Workflow
  104. KS Internal Link Select Input
  105. KS Tree Select Input
  106. KS-Entry Deck of Cards Selector
  107. KS-Entry: Message Box
  108. Language-sensitive Item Group
  109. Learning Module ILIAS and HTML: Info-tabs are scrubbed clean, can be switched off and Functionality moves to Learning Progress-tab / Action
  110. Learning Progress Depending on Visit of Certain Pages
  111. Learning Progress on Visited Pages Sensitive to Changes
  112. Learning Progress Support by ECS
  113. Letter Avatars: Allow uppercase and omit special characters
  114. Lifecycle and Versioning Support in Test Questions
  115. Link No-Permissions-Indicator to Permissions-of-User
  116. Local Competence Profiles for Courses and Groups
  117. Mail Alert on Deletion of Inactivated Users via Cron
  118. Making Operating Information of the Info-tab and Info-Action in Lists permission-sensitive
  119. Manual Swiping Through Carousels Configurable
  120. Marginal Calendar for Fixed Schedule Booking Pools
  121. Mark identifier containing gendered text
  122. Mark scheme for exercises
  123. Mass Category filtering lists objects from sub-tree
  124. Migrate News on Personal Desktop to Timeline
  125. Move and copy of media objects in media pools
  126. Multilingual Input Element
  127. Multilingual Titles and Descriptions for All Object Types + Plugins
  128. Multiple Actions for Ownerless Objects
  129. Navigational Slates «Favorites», «Bookmarks» and «Tags»
  130. New Administration Nodes for PLR
  131. New Presentation of Notes and Comments
  132. New task: Requests for membership
  133. News as a fully featured starting page including sortable blocks
  134. News Timeline: Sidebar
  135. News Timeline: Tagging
  136. Not-Appointed Task «Blog Post Draft»
  137. Not-Appointed Task «Forum Post Draft»
  138. Notes and annotations on test question page
  139. Notification Center
  140. Object Reporting Panels
  141. Optionally hide title of learning module
  142. Optionally Sort Selected Competences by Recent Changes
  143. Page Editor Media Editing
  144. Page Editor Page Templates
  145. Permission to upload HTML5 content
  146. Placeholder for «Mail to Course Member»
  147. Presentation of Items WITHOUT Read-Permission
  148. Presentation Option  «Table» for Categories
  149. Presentation Type Sessions View for Groups
  150. Progress bar
  151. Purge all Comments or Notes from an Object
  152. Qualification Features
  153. Qualification Object
  154. Question Blocks in Tests
  155. Questions Blocks in Random Tests
  156. Random Response Selection in Questions
  157. Randomized Assignments
  158. Re-label Mark and Grade
  159. Rearrange Calendar Selection
  160. Recommended Content
  161. Redirect to previous context after sending mail from Who-is-online
  162. Redo Question Rendering
  163. Register members in linked courses
  164. Remove Java FileManager
  165. Replacing the http://-default with https://
  166. Replying to Comments
  167. Responsive Test
  168. Responsive User Profile
  169. Restrict Relative Deadlines by Latest Submission Date
  170. Review Notes on Personal Desktop
  171. Review of Assessment Questions
  172. Revision of Less Variables - other
  173. Revision of NIC Registration
  174. Revision of Notes and Comments Service
  175. Right and Wrong Instead of Points
  176. Role-based Activation of My Workspace
  177. Role-based Activation of Personal Blogs
  178. Role-based Activation of Portfolio
  179. Sammelseite Overview Personal Desktop Revision
  180. Search Option for Calendar Selection
  181. Session Appointment Details - Show Attend Button
  182. Session Registration Notifications
  183. Set Badges to Deck of Cards
  184. Show block only if defined permission is not given
  185. Show Number of Remaining Tries in Questions from the Start
  186. Show Participant View
  187. Small block for Courses and Groups on Personal Desktop
  188. SOAP request should get same results as Excel Export
  189. Sortable List
  190. Sortable Task List
  191. Splitting Up Assessment into Maintainable Objects and / or Services
  192. Statsd Integration
  193. Store Answer Status Only Until Learning Progress = Completed
  194. Stramlining Pickers old
  195. Streamline LaTeX usage
  196. Streamlining Blocks as Panels
  197. Streamlining Grading, Marking and Commenting
  198. Streamlining Options in Object-internal Actions menu
  199. Structure Competence Lists by Competence Categories
  200. Study Programme: Certificate
  201. Study Programme: Dual membership
  202. Study Programme: Multilingualism
  203. Study Programme: Processing time
  204. Study Programme: Superiors`view
  205. Study Programme: Superiors`view (My staff)
  206. Study programme: Validity of qualification
  207. Suggested Process for Preparing Plugin Help packages
  208. Suitable Allocation
  209. Support Filters in Manage-Tab of Categories
  210. Support rating of questions in pool
  211. Tab Overview of integrated Objects
  212. Tagging in Categories
  213. Templates for Column Layout
  214. Test as Independent Object
  215. Test Question Pool as Independent Object
  216. Timebased Competence Chart
  217. Tree for General Layout and Menu Revision
  218. Updating Questions in running Random Tests
  219. User: Import users in background tasks
  220. User: Introducing »Data Privacy Statement« documents
  221. View and Manage Materials in the same place
  222. Workshop: Shibboleth & NginX

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