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Release 8

1 Timeline for ILIAS 8

  • Feature freeze at 30 APR 2021 (deadline to suggest new features for this version)
  • PHP-8-Reviews completed until 28 APR 2022 (changed)
  • Coding completed for refactored components: 28 APR 2022
  • Incorporating results of reviews: 29 APR 2022 to 11 MAY 2022
  • Final check of components by their maintainers on 12 and 13 MAY 2022 (changed)
  • Pre-Testing from 16 May 2022 until 20 MAY 2022 (changed)
  • Incorporating of Pre-Test results: 22 MAY 2022 until 02 JUN 2022 (changed)
  • Release 8.0 beta1 and release-8 branch planned for 03 JUN 2022 (changed)
  • Begin of testing phase scheduled for 07 JUN 2022 (changed)
  • End of testing phase planned for 12 AUG 2022 (changed)
  • First stable 8.0 release planned for 29 AUG 2022
  • Full maintenance for version 8: until 31 DEC 2023
  • Security bugfixes only: until 31 DEC 2024

2 Important Information

3 Projects

The following large development projects are planned for ILIAS 8 (depending on resources and funding):

4 List of New and Extended Features

Below you can see which features have already been scheduled for ILIAS version 8 and how their status is. If you can offer funding for features shown in list G and H, please contact the ILIAS product manager.
A : The following features are implemented and become part of trunk in release 8:
  1. Activate/Deactivate notifications of deleted, censored and edited postings
  2. Administrating and Minuting Employee Talks
  3. Alphabetical Sorting for Favorites and My Courses & Groups
  4. Ask for user consent before data is transferred to remote ECS platform
  5. Automatically extend the Learning Progress Collection for new Media Objects in Mediacasts
  6. Blog Improvements: Authors, Inputfield, Cleanup
  7. Bulk-Upload and -Download for Mediacasts
  8. Centralizing online/offline status: forum and content page
  9. Changed language entries for ILIAS 8
  10. Clean /temp folder in data directory via Cron
  11. Completion Status for Competence Profiles
  12. Create ECS user accounts as non-local users (Shibboleth, LDAP, ...) via ECS
  13. Create empty threads
  14. Create Portfolio from Template and for Global Roles
  15. Cron Job: Delete old or orphaned page history entries
  16. Customizable List/Tile View for Modules/ItemGroup
  17. Direct Device Camera Upload of User Picture
  18. Display message when chat user is writing
  19. Drag&Drop Files in Container Objects
  20. Embed Metadata in Portfolios
  21. Expose LOM keywords in HTML header
  22. Extend Permissions of Competence Management
  23. Filter for System E-Mails
  24. Improve Content-Style-Editor
  25. Improve Mediacast Video Presentation
  26. Improve Statistics
  27. Improved presentation of competence profiles
  28. Inherit Individual Stylesheet from Parent Object
  29. Integrate On-Screen Notifications into Notification Center
  30. Introduction of a show more-function for competence entries
  31. Introduction of bar charts
  32. IRSS: Migrate Bibliografic-Files to IRSS
  33. Learning Module ILIAS and HTML: «Info» tab can be switched off and Functionality moves to«Learning Progress»-tab
  34. Learning Progress for Forum
  35. Learning Progress for Videos according to viewing progress
  36. Learning Progress Mode «Visited» for HTML-Learning Module
  37. Limited View of postings
  38. Link in competence records directs to competence results tab
  39. LTI Consumer with support for LTI 1.3
  40. LTI Provider with support for LTI 1.3
  41. LTI Wiki
  42. Mediacast of Type Image Gallery
  43. Mediacast of Type Podcast
  44. Member Assignments for Import Type Campus Management
  45. Metadata Section in Content Snippets
  46. Moving Objects in Media Pools
  47. multilingualism for item groups
  48. New Survey Mode: Individual Feedback
  49. Open Blog Submissions from «Submission and Grades»
  50. Open Wiki Submissions from «Submission and Grades»
  51. Output Formats of Submissions
  52. Page Editor » Page Template Administration
  53. Personal Starting Page dependend of local roles
  54. Protected Sections in Portfolios from Portfolio Templates
  55. Protected Sections in Wiki Pages
  56. Reading Time for Learning Modules and Blogposts
  57. Repository Chat: Add option to hide automatically created status
  58. Revision of Private Notes Overview
  59. Revision of Public Comments Overview
  60. Separate On-Screen Chat and Notification Center
  61. Separation of Self-Evaluation and other Types of Formation
  62. Setup - Introduce Strict Update Paths
  63. Setup - Move DB-Updatesteps to Components
  64. Tile View: Adjustable number of tiles in a row
  65. Transfer of competences into a reporting panel
  66. Type ahead for User Notification
  67. Using CronJobs within PlugIns
  68. Using ILIAS Page Editor to provide general information of Forum
B : The following features are implemented and approved by the customer. They will be committed to trunk soon.
C : The following features are implemented and waiting for approval by the customer:

5 Changed Behaviour

This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for ILIAS 8:

6 Abandoned Features

6.1 Candidates

Jour Fixe has already accepted to abandon the following features. But code still need to be removed from ILIAS.

6.2 Removed Features

The following features are abandoned with ILIAS 8 and have been removed from the ILIAS source code:

6.3 Migrations

Data of External Webfeeds is removed by the following migration:
> php setup/cli.php migrate --run externalfeed.ilExternalFeedRemoveMigration

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