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Release 6

Timeline for ILIAS 6 [1] :
  • Feature freeze at April 30, 2019
  • All features implemented, test cases completed and documentation completed in feature wiki until December 06, 2019
  • Release 6.0 beta1 and release-6 branch at December 09, 2019
  • Beginn of testing phase at December 10, 2019
  • Completion of all test cases planned for February 28, 2020
  • First stable 6.0 release planned for April 15, 2020
  • Planned maintenance for version 6: until Summer 2022
Required Software
List of Features
The following 98 features have been implemented for ILIAS 6:
  1. Adapt view with left hand Tree in Mail to new Layout
  2. Allow svg images as background images
  3. Automatically generated Entry Point Statements for Online Help
  4. Booking Rooms for Courses
  5. Booking Tool: Indicating Preference
  6. Cannot Attend Button in Sessions
  7. Chat Improvements: PLR, input field and message collection
  8. Combining Starting Mechanism of LTI with connection to xAPI-LRS
  9. Competence profiles can be assigned to Roles
  10. Consuming LTI in Repository – Basic
  11. Course Information «Target Group»
  12. Customisable Main Bar - Icon Upload
  13. Default Configuration of Main Bar Items (ILIAS 6)
  14. Default sort order by date for newly created forums
  15. Definition of DATETIME Data for the Event Period of Courses/Groups
  16. Deletion of Inactive Users via Cron (No First Login)
  17. Description for Competences and Competence Categories
  18. Display Glossary Terms and Media Objects in ILIAS Learning Moduls in Slate
  19. ECS Cron Task Scheduler
  20. Exercise: Comparing Submissions of Type Text
  21. Export of huge amount of data categories
  22. Filter-Configuration in Categories
  23. Forum: tree in slate triggered by view control
  24. Improve Sorting on Personal Desktop
  25. Include Learning Progress of linked courses
  26. Introducing Dashboard
  27. Introducing Task Service and Queuing Derived Tasks
  28. Invite Survey Participant
  29. Learning Sequence: Kiosk-Mode for Page Layout Revision
  30. Lifecycle Metadata for Test Questions
  31. Location Multi-Part Advanced Metadata
  32. Manage Screen for My Workspace
  33. Metadata for Exercises
  34. Navigational Slates «Favourites» and «Tags»
  35. No further test passes when test status is passed
  36. Not-Appointed Task «Blog Post Draft»
  37. Not-Appointed Task «Forum Post Draft»
  38. Notification about New Comments
  39. Notification Center
  40. Offer filter option None
  41. Open Portfolio Submissions from «Submission and Grades»
  42. Overview Metabar Content
  43. Overview Personal Desktop Revision
  44. Page Editor Page Templates
  45. Page Layout Revision (Desktop)
  46. Page Layout Revision (Mobile)
  47. PDF Export for Survey Results
  48. Permission to Upload Blacklisted Files
  49. Placeholder for «Mail to Course Member»
  50. Present Competence Records once they are generated
  51. Presenting Learning Sequences on Dashboard
  52. Randomized Assignments
  53. Recommended Content
  54. Register members in linked courses
  55. Reporting Accessibility Issues and Information about Accessibility Control Concept
  56. Repository uses BackgroundTask Service for all multi-file-downloads
  57. Responsive Table Filters
  58. Restrict Relative Deadlines by Latest Submission Date
  59. Scaffolded Exercise
  60. Scoring by Question (Test): Show Best Solution in scoring Modal
  61. Scoring by Questions: Adding Feedback, Scoring State and Modal Enhancements
  62. Session Registration Notifications
  63. Set Badges to Deck of Cards
  64. Set Personal Desktop to Deck of Card Listing
  65. Setup - Introduce CLI-Setup
  66. Show block only if defined permission is not given
  67. Sorting of Default fields
  68. Streamlining Blocks as Panels
  69. Streamlining Checklists
  70. Study Programme: Add link to course that was passed
  71. Study Programme: Automatic Info-Mails for Members
  72. Study Programme: Automatically add courses from category
  73. Study Programme: Automatically add users by role, membership or organizational unit
  74. Study Programme: Certificate
  75. Study Programme: Filters and More Columns for Member List
  76. Study Programme: Link-Object
  77. Study Programme: Mail to Members
  78. Study Programme: Mass-Operations with Members
  79. Study Programme: Multilingualism
  80. Study Programme: Processing time
  81. Study Programme: Use positions for permissions on users
  82. Study programme: Validity of qualification
  83. Support Filters in Manage-Tab of Categories
  84. Support for Positions in User Management
  85. Support Highscore for xAPI Game Object and xAPI learning Module Object
  86. Tagging in Categories
  87. Templates for Column Layout
  88. Tree for General Layout and Menu Revision
  89. Uploading Tile Image for Files
  90. Uploading Tile Image for some more objects
  91. Usability Improvement of Trash
  92. User Clipboard for Waiting Lists
  93. User Search: Add Search for Organisational Unit as search option
  94. User: Forced password change after login when applying password policy changes
  95. Web Notifications for On-Screen-chat
  96. WebDAV - Handling special characters and name duplicates
  97. Welcome-Mail for New Members in Groups
  98. Word Counter for Essay Questions
  99. Workflow for Personal Profile
  100. Workspace → Personal and Shared Ressources
  101. Workspace: Sorting
  102. xAPI Learning Module Object
  103. xAPI: Avoid the deterioration of the achieved learning progress
  104. xAPI: Detecting Learning Progress by checking LRS
  105. xAPI: LRS proxy
  106. xAPI: Statement Viewer with checking external LRS
Abandoned Features
The following features are abandoned with ILIAS 6 and have been removed from the ILIAS source code:

[1] Changed version from November 27, 2019

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