5.4.14 (stable)

Release 5.4.14 has been published on July 31, 2020
  • Please read the ILIAS 5.4 feature page for information about new and abandoned features and changed behaviour of this version.
  • You find information about first time installation here.
  • Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found here.
  • Please have a look at the page Required Software for 5.4, too.
If you use a customized skin/style, please change the skin settings for root user and default of installation to ‘delos‘ before upgrading from a 4.x version to 5.4.x. Otherwise you may not login any more due to templates changes in former versions.
ILIAS 5.4 comes with a new content style that substitutes the former content style. If you want to keep this outdated style, please create a new style with it before updating to 5.4. Own created styles won't be tackled.
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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195 MB, 2020-31-07
md5: 1624e842a3f26ae403331fd85b0c11d9

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179 MB, 2020-31-07
md5: 2e5ff7223b2c8f8ccf03e7e64f2b508f

Known Issues

  • none

Fixed Bugs

Security Fixes

#28586: Composer Vendor Directory: Reflected XSS in GeSHi Language File Generator Script
#28587: Composer Vendor Directory: Reflected XSS in YUI2 Sandbox Scripts
#28588: Rating: Ratings can be manipulated
#28589: Web Feed: Potential Information Disclosure and Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) (reported by Dot, @kx1z0)
#28622: Web Feed: Cache files accessible via browser
The following bugs reported in Mantis have been resolved:
#28339: [Accessibility Service] Please change Alt-text of Logo (tfamula)
#28672: [Background Tasks] Invalid HTML in Background Tasks (fschmid)
#28498: [Blog] "Info" im Aktionen-Menü lässt sich nicht aufrufen (akill)
#28598: [Calendar] Error when trying to edit existing calendar appointments (smeyer)
#22747: [Calendar] ics - Missing Location for Sessions (smeyer)
#26083: [Category and Repository] Tile images missing on export/import (akill)
#28659: [Certificate] It’s not possible to download the certificate if the user isn’t a course member any longer. (mjansen)
#28656: [Certificate] Certificate: [DATE_COMPLETED] and [DATETIME_COMPLETED] placeholders not replaced for crs objects without 'LP to Passed Sync' (mjansen)
#27478: [Course Management] Timeline Headline is being cut off (akill)
#28369: [Exercise] "Datei Hochladen" not Sticky (akill)
#26617: [File] upload and unzip fails if zip file contains forbidden files (fschmid)
#28537: [Forum] Forum: Click on 'Add Posting' does directly not work on a page > 1 (mjansen)
#26342: [Forum] personal data of deleted user persists in Forum (mjansen)
#28681: [Forum] Invalid HTML on forum single thread view (mjansen)
#28680: [Forum] Invalid HTML on Forum Thread Overview (mjansen)
#25557: [Group] Gelöschte Mitgliedschaftsbeschränkungen bleiben "irgendwie" aktiv? (smeyer)
#27966: [ILIAS Page Editor] URL Auto-Linking greift nicht in Fußzeilen (akill)
#28072: [ILIAS Page Editor] Textformatierungen werden in Datentabellen teilweise nicht angenommen. (akill)
#28655: [Language Handling] Tippfehler: cert#:#cert_currently_no_certs#:#Aktuelle besitzen Sie noch keine Zertifikate. (mkunkel)
#28611: [Learning Module SCORM 1.2] seit update auf 5.4.13. keine Scorm 1.2 Module mehr startbar unter Chrome und Edge (ukohnle)
#28034: [Login, Auth & Registration] Sortierung über Sprache in "Loginseite gestalten" funktioniert nicht (mbarz)
#28699: [Mail] inbox: wrong presentation e-mail after user deleted (mjansen)
#28674: [Mail] Invalid HTML, two class attributes (mjansen)
#28683: [Mail] Invalid HTML on Mail overview screen (mjansen)
#28673: [Main Menu] Invalid HTML due to duplicate IDs (fschmid)
#28539: [RBAC] Missing back link in role administration (mbarz)
#28514: [Test & Assessment] TinyMC formatting of an answer to an essay questions leads to js-error in FF77_0_1 (ta-bugs)
#28403: [Test & Assessment] "Loading Times" broken on very large installation(s) (maxbecker)
#27437: [Test & Assessment] Cannot edit extra time in test with 200 participants (maxbecker)
#28653: [Test & Assessment] TinyMC editor - no preview for LaTeX code (mjansen)
#23908: [Test & Assessment] Autosave in assessment shows success if internet connection down (maxbecker)
#28354: [Test & Assessment] Typo in the German description of the field "Exam View" in the settings of a test (mkunkel)
#28497: [User Service] ilobjuserfoldergui: SQL Exception when removing "sorted-by udf-column" (smeyer)
#28679: [User Tracking] Invalid HTML on learning progress screen (akill)
#28670: [¥ UI Legacy] Multiple Items of Advanced Selection List share same ID (akill)
#28682: [¥ UI Legacy] Invalid HTML in legacy Table (akill)