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Virtual Conference

Due to the corona pandemic the ILIAS conference will also take place completely virtually this year. But despite the lack of personal encounters we will put together a great and extensive program together - and thus reach a particularly large number of people.
The ILIAS Conference 2020 will take place together with the final conference of the project optes. Participation in the joint conference is free of charge for everyone.
Main Topics 2020:
  • Networked learning
  • Video in teaching
  • Mathematics & E-Learning (optes)
  • Digitisation of teaching and further education
  • School in times of Corona
Call for Papers
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Call for Papers

We hereby invite all ILIAS users and all those interested in e-learning to actively participate in this year's conference programme with contributions or reports on their experiences.

Lectures and workshops on the five main topics of the conference can be submitted. The call for papers ends on 20 July 2020, 18h00.

Contributions can be submitted on the following topics:
  • Networked learning: How can learning activities be networked - within an educational institution or company and beyond institutional boundaries? Which projects already succeed in this and what do they look like? The focus can be on technical, didactic or organisational aspects.
  • Video in teaching: Here we are looking forward to receiving reports on the use of videos and the use of video recordings in teaching. Which challenges have to be mastered and which didactic added value is created?
  • Mathematics & e-learning: How can e-learning measures improve mathematics education in schools and universities? Which approaches have proven successful? Which options in ILIAS can be used? And what has to be considered in practical use?
  • Digitisation of teaching and further education: We are looking for contributions to the successful use of ILIAS in digital teaching and digital further education. What are the requirements for didactics, technology, content and participants? And how are they mastered with ILIAS?
  • School in times of Corona: Due to Covid-19 e-learning at schools has suddenly gained a completely different significance. Which measures of the last months have proven to be successful and how is ILIAS applied? Which projects are being expanded and what is planned for the coming school year?
As the ILIAS Conference 2020 is taking place purely virtually the contribution formats have changed a bit this year. Submissions can be submitted:
  • Lecture (30') : You present your topic in a 20 to 25 minute presentation. This can be a pre-recorded screencast or you can present live in the VC. Afterwards, you can discuss the remaining 5 to 10 minutes with those present in the VC. There will be no simultaneous translation as usual this year.
  • Workshop (90') : You will actively work on a topic with the participants in the VC and formulate a final result. The active involvement of the participants is important here. The workshop should not be a mere sequence of lectures.
Please submit your proposal here!

ILIAS Konferenz 2020 | ILIAS Conference 2020

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Call for Papers - ILIAS-Konferenz 2020

Vorschläge für Beiträge auf der ILIAS-Konferenz 2020 | Suggestions for contributions at ILIAS conference 2020
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