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ILIAS team, ILIAS society, SIGs and user groups worldwide


ILIAS Worldwide
The ILIAS Learning Management System is used for teaching, training and learning allover the world. Below you find a list of selected installations. If you miss your installation, please give us a hint!
ILIAS Communities and User Groups
Several ILIAS users have organised themselves in regional or national user groups to exchange experience and influence the further development of ILIAS:

General Information

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Homepage of ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V.
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Help to finance new ILIAS features!
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Make a donation to help us finance the ongoing ILIAS development


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Group of the biannual conference for developers and power users

User Groups and SIGs

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Regional and national user groups of ILIAS
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User groups for specific ILIAS topics


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Discussion and support forums for ILIAS user community
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Regional and national user communities, jobs and more
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