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February 2019

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 19. Feb 2019, 10:06
Many ILIAS users want to access their LMS from their smartphones. As ILIAS is responsive, it can easily be used on smaller screens. But there are limits to mobile usage. For this reason, the topic "mobile ILIAS" continues to be discussed regularly. One approach that was developed within the ILIAS community is the Pegasus app: Its users get logged in automatically to their ILIAS platform and they can access documents offline. They can also work with position-based augmented reality scenarios. We spoke to technical board member Timon Amstutz about the app and the upcoming ILIAS developments.

October 2018

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 30. Oct 2018, 11:07
We are pleased to announce that the recordings of the presentations held at the International ILIAS Conference in Lucerne are now available online. Unfortunately, only the original audio tracks have been recorded, so that most presentations are only available in German. The final keynote held by Javiera Atenas is available in English.

You can find all recordings by clicking on the "Aufzeichnung" links in the programme on our conference website.

Thanks a lot to Stephan Winiker and the whole team in Lucerne for making this possible!

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 16. Oct 2018, 13:52
In her keynote at the International ILIAS Conference in Lucerne, Javiera Atenas (Open Education Working Group, London) painted a grim picture of data collectors and data traders in the area of education. We talked to her about data illiteracy, fair metrics and the right to forget.

June 2018

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 12. Jun 2018, 19:10
For a few weeks already we have been offering early bird tickets for this year's ILIAS Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland. If you order your ticket before the June 30th, you save 60 Swiss francs compared to the full price of 450,00 CHF. ILIAS Society members get another discount and can order early bird tickets for just 340,00 CHF.

You can find further information and the registration link on the conference website.

If you already ordered your ticket, please make sure to book a room in time. We expect Lucerne to be fully booked during September. We have prepared a Hotel Booking Service for your convenience.

And if you would like to check the conference programme before ordering your ticket, you can always find the current version on the website.

April 2018

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 22. Apr 2018, 15:25
Göran Kattenberg from our Dutch Premium Partner Future Learning created an English version of our "Beipackzettel" for ILIAS 5.2 and 5.3. He offered to share it with the international ILIAS community and we are happy to distribute it on the blog.

The "Beipackzettel" is our twist to more comprehensive release notes. It highlights the most important new features of each major ILIAS release and provides example use cases. The texts can be used for free at your institution to help users access and implement new features.

Feel free to download it here:
Thanks a lot for your work, Göran!