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Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 21. Mar 2019, 10:40

ILIAS 5.4 is here!

This new release of ILIAS 5 (download link) brings many major features and improvements to learners around the world. It allows you to easily beautify your content with the new tiles view. No more long lists of materials, no more CSS tricks required.

ILIAS 5.4 also includes a new content style for the page editor. It is activated by default on category, course and group pages, as well as in ILIAS learning modules, wikis and blogs.

Two new tools get introduced with ILIAS 5.4: The Content Page offers a simple way to provide instructions or motivational messages to learners. No need to set up a learning module - simply create a content page and publish whatever your want.

The Learning Sequence allows you to guide your learners through content in a structured way. Teachers decide in which order learning content is presented. The ILIAS interface gets reduced to a simplified look free of distractions. Learners never get lost, thanks to a sequence outline that is always shown to them.

In ILIAS 5.4, all kinds of Learning Achievements - competences, learning progress, badges and certificates - can be accessed in a single place. What’s more, the new Learning History provides an overview of all your achievements in a personal timeline.

Speaking of timelines: The news timeline in courses and groups got vastly improved. You can now post pictures and videos. All course or group members can comment on news items and post reactions (including likes and emojis). A daily mail informs users about any updates.

ILIAS 5.4 also introduces a new type of survey: The self-evaluation presents learners with a questionnaire to reflect on their current status. It’s no longer required to use the 360 degrees survey for this.

Especially learners and professionals from the medical field will appreciate the new support of key feature tests in ILIAS 5.4.

The exercise now allows teams to collaborate on their submissions in a wiki. If desired, teachers can provide them with a wiki template.

As always, the list of features is much too long to rehash in a single blog post. Please have a look at the 109 entries in our Feature Wiki to learn more about the release!


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