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5.4.0 (stable)

Release 5.4.0 has been published on March 20, 2018
  • Please read the ILIAS 5.4 feature page for information about new and abandoned features and changed behaviour of this version.
  • You find information about first time installation here.
  • Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found here.
  • Please have a look at the page Required Software for 5.4, too.
If you use a customized skin/style, please change the skin settings for root user and default of installation to ‘delos‘ before upgrading from a 4.x version to 5.4.x. Otherwise you may not login any more due to templates changes in former versions.
ILIAS 5.4 comes with a new content style that substitutes the former content style. If you want to keep this outdated style, please create a new style with it before updating to 5.4. Own created styles won't be tackled.
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Format: .zip
Download (
191 MB, 2019-20-03
md5: 001fa3bc6a62c132d2a67a1404919e22

Format: .tar.gz
Download (
176 MB, 2019-20-03
md5: 8630cdb55060bbe039243301d3e65000

Known Issues

  • none

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs reported in Mantis have been resolved:
#25114: [User Service] Error occours by user account deletion (ntheen)
#20875: [Language Handling] Lernfortschritt im Kurs > Einstellungen: "Auswahl aufheben" (mkunkel)
#20982: [Language Handling] Learning Progress for Exercise: Option name is confusing (German lang file) (mkunkel)
#21394: [Language Handling] too close, semantically (mkunkel)
#25016: [Language Handling] Lernverlauf = Lernerfolge? // Learning History = Achievements? (mkunkel)
#25093: [Language Handling] Tippfehler: Benutzerinteratkion u.a. (mkunkel)
#25109: [Administration] When renaming a sub item it looses its affiliation to a main item (fschmid)
#23993: [Learning History] Position des Hauptmenüeintrages "Achievements" (fschmid)
#25092: [Test & Assessment] Clicking on "Edit Participants" to delete existing data leads to empty "Results" tab (bheyser)
#24321: [Course Management] Failed test: Mitglieder drucken Mitgliederliste (smeyer)
#24298: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Einstiegstest beginnen, unterbrechen und den gleichen Test wiederaufnehmen (bheyser)
#25080: [_Other] Conditions: Objects with LP are not offered as precondition with the OPERATOR_LP condition (mkunkel)
#24746: [Learning Sequence] Add Users of Current Course / Add Users of Current Group (rklees)
#24964: [ILIAS Page Editor] Bearbeitungssperre mit englischem Text trotz deutscher Umgebung (akill)
#25054: [Exercise] Submissions and grades have actions related to submission for users without previous submission. (jlopez)
#24084: [Certificate] Certificare in Workspace after Migration (ntheen)
#23761: [Certificate] [54] Zertifikate im Zertifkats-Seitenelement im Portfolio nicht auswählbar (ntheen)
#24840: [Test & Assessment] Results more than 100% after changing Maximum Points using the Corrections Tab (bheyser)
#24017: [Course Management] Opening an "admission by link"-Link leads to crash (smeyer)
#24156: [Session (Course & Group)] Failed test: Sitzung exportieren (smeyer)
#24731: [Certificate] Failed test: Zertifikat mit Hintergrundbild exportieren (ntheen)
#24960: [Background Tasks] Background Tasks: Asynchronous task manager not running asynchrously (lzehnder)
#25038: [Forum] Radiobuttons to replace Checkbox of "Manual sorting of sticky threads" (mjansen)
#24757: [Course Management] Wording of "Online"-byline (mkunkel)
#25020: [Data Collection] Failed test: Felder als Pflichtfeld oder einzigartig bestimmen (ttruffer)
#25031: [Administration] Failed test: Magazin-Link hinzufügen (fschmid)
#25032: [Administration] Missing status-sensitivity for some components (fschmid)
#24707: [User Service] Failed test: Plugin deinstallieren (fschmid)
#24597: [Plugin Slots] Failed test: Plugin deinstallieren (fschmid)
#23925: [Calendar] Calendar changes when user refreshs the "Calendar Selection" (smeyer)
#24022: [Calendar] Administration -> Calendar -> Wording Improvement (smeyer)
#23934: [Session (Course & Group)] Wording of Session: Assign/Remove Materials (smeyer)
#24240: [Group] Failed test: Position, Reihenfolge und Sortierung neuer Objekte (akill)
#24486: [Data Collection] Failed test: Tabellen-Import .xlsx (ttruffer)
#23557: [Web Access Checker] Skipped WAC-Tests (fschmid)
#24980: [Administration] Main Menu: Editing an item (top and sub items of them) leads to error message (fschmid)
#24245: [Web Access Checker] Failed test: Banner zum Blog hinzufügen und anzeigen (fschmid)
#24881: [Administration] Editing the "Title (Default Language)" of a Service-item does not work (fschmid)
#24867: [File] FileSystem: Trying to retrieve 'Timestamp' results in a PHP error (FlySystemFileAccess::getTimestamp) (fschmid)
#24018: [Administration] Failed test: Link-Haupteintrag hinzufügen (fschmid)
#24028: [File] Failed test: Alternativen Titel beim Hochladen angeben (fschmid)
#24030: [File] Failed test: PDF - Seitenzahlen auslesen (fschmid)
#24057: [Administration] Error when Edit a "type_lost" submenu-entry (fschmid)
#24058: [Administration] Translation of "Top items" and "Items" (fschmid)
#24061: [Administration] Wording Administration => Main Menu (fschmid)
#24065: [Administration] Hilfetext für Trenner (fschmid)
#24090: [Administration] Administration - Main Menu - Subtab "Einträge" - Bearbeiten=> Zurück (fschmid)
#24091: [Administration] Administration - Mainmenu - Filter (fschmid)
#24092: [Administration] Administration - Main Menu - Rows (fschmid)
#24093: [Data Collection] Right-aligned numbers cause weird look in larger tables (fschmid)
#24152: [Administration] Services are of Type "Link" and there are editable (fschmid)
#24190: [Login, Auth & Registration] Trying to login via shibboleth leads to error message (fschmid)
#24106: [Chat] Failed test: Weiteren User in den Chat einladen (mjansen)
#23974: [Language Handling] various missing language vars (mkunkel)
#24060: [_Other] Aktiviere => Duzen (mkunkel)
#24331: [Language Handling] German labels in Nutzungsvereinbarungen → Zustimmungshistorie → optionale Spalte "Kriterien" (mjansen)
#24889: [Language Handling] Missing German translation in editing lock of page editor (mkunkel)
#23278: [Forum] Wrong indentation of new forum posting (mjansen)
#23924: [Forum] Forum: Latest jsTree and ilExplorerBaseGUI changes affected presentation of nodes in the forum tree (mjansen)
#24312: [Course Management] Timings of the Learning Plan do not appear in the course calendar (smeyer)
#24353: [Course Management] Blue system notification appears, when "TimingView" settings are set/changed (smeyer)
#24763: [Learning Sequence] Fatal error when copy content-page in a LS-Object, to the same object (akill)
#24842: [WebDAV] Failed test: Create/upload, rename, and delete files and folders in Windows Explorer (fawinike)
#24824: [WebDAV] Failed test: Open file with forbidden file extension (fawinike)
#24932: [Search] Missing lang var in search settings (smeyer)
#24709: [Usability] in formula question the user gets no direct feedback that his non-numerical answer is not submitted (bheyser)
#23613: [Test & Assessment] Creation of "Test Archive File" leads to error (bheyser)
#24918: [GlobalCache] GlobalCache/Setup: Access to undefined constant CLIENT_ID raises PHP WARNING (PHP 7.2) (fschmid)
#24912: [_Other] Database/AtomQuery: Counting non countable value raises PHP WARNING in \ilAtomQueryBase::checkQueries (PHP 7.2) (fschmid)
#24911: [Who is online?] ilAwarenessUserCollector::collectUsers: Counting collected users for logging raises PHP WARNING (PHP 7.2) (akill)
#24926: [Plugin Slots] User Interface Plugins/Main Menu: Action can be overridden in MM adm. and cannot be reset properly (fschmid)
#24915: [_Other] \ilLoggingErrorSettings::__construct: Index 'ilClientIniFile' not always defined in DIC (PHP 7.2) (shecken)
#24914: [_Other] \ILIAS::__construct: Use of undefined constant 'CLIENT_ID' (PHP 7.2) (akill)
#24727: [Plugin Slots] User Interface Plugins: No "Test Plugin" available to demonstrate how to provide GlobalScreen/MainMenu entries (fschmid)
#24921: [_Other] Template: The usage of each() has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 7.2.0. and may raise WARNINGS/ERRORS in future versions (mjansen)
#24917: [_Other] TableGUI: Counting non countable values raises PHP WARNINGS (PHP 7.2) (mjansen)
#24055: [Administration] Wording confusion in Administration > Main Menu (fschmid)
#24882: [Administration] Seltsames Verhalten bei Trennlinien (fschmid)
#24783: [LTI] Failed test: Test per LTI freigeben (bheyser)
#24880: [Search] Failed test: Order results list in a different way (smeyer)
#24067: [Administration] Administration -> Hautpmenu -> Übersetzen (fschmid)
#24066: [Administration] Administration => Mainmenu - Eintrag unterhalb der Administration (fschmid)
#24053: [Administration] Use of Interruptve Modal when Deleting a top item or just an item (fschmid)
#24454: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Recht „Anzeigen“ und „Lesezugriff“ (bheyser)
#24236: [Language Handling] Kontakt vs Tutorielle Betreuung (mkunkel)
#23980: [Test & Assessment] Only first element is possible as correct answer in Long Menu Question - editing mode (bheyser)
#24481: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Longmenu Frage - Frage korrigieren (bheyser)
#24483: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Lückentextfrage - Antwort aus Statistik hinzufügen (bheyser)
#23882: [Calendar] Clickable Time in Day-View (smeyer)
#23986: [Test & Assessment] Test Results tab in 5.4 does not fit the specification at all (bheyser)
#24795: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Ergebnisse zu Einzelfragen als PDF exportieren (bheyser)
#24793: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: PDF-Zertifikate für alle Teilnehmer exportieren (bheyser)
#24610: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Vorschau/Bearbeitungsmodus einer Kprim-Choice-Frage aufrufen (bheyser)
#24794: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Aggregierte Testergebnisse exportieren (bheyser)
#24807: [Who is online?] Failed test: Benutzer hat in einer Gruppe Rechte in der Mitgliederverwaltung (akill)
#24340: [Session (Course & Group)] Failed test: An alle Mitglieder E-Mails verschicken per "Mail an Mitglieder" (smeyer)
#24791: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Statistik filtern (bheyser)
#24802: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Import von Test mit Kompetenzzuweisungen und Schwellenwerten (bheyser)
#24792: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Detaillierte Statistik eines Teilnehmers anzeigen lassen (bheyser)
#24729: [Administration] Description for "Allowed E-Mail Address Domains" can be misunderstood (smeyer)
#24790: [Certificate] Failed test: Zertifikat anlegen (ntheen)
#24663: [Calendar] Failed test: Test-Plugin installieren (smeyer)
#24605: [Course Management] Failed test: Import of LOC results in new online/offline status (smeyer)
#24776: [Test & Assessment] Show Answers lead to "ERROR: Can't find target class ilparticipantstestresultsgui for node 13x:15h (ilobjtestgui)." (bheyser)
#24235: [Learning Module SCORM 1.2] Failed test: Option 'Mit zuletzt besuchtem Abschnitt fortfahren' aktivieren (ukohnle)
#24575: [Exercise] Error when adding new assignment (newest 5.4 from github) (mjansen)
#24357: [Statistics and Learning Progress] Failed test: Medienobjekte für Lernfortschritt in Mediacast auswählen (akill)
#24644: [Personal Profile] Failed test: Visitenkarte des Profils herunterladen (akill)
#24497: [Metadata] Failed test: Datenfeld Interner Link anlegen - no repository tree shown (akill)
#24522: [Learning Module ILIAS : Editor] Failed test: Mehrsprachiges Lernmodul exportieren - minor issues with HTML export look (akill)
#24514: [Learning Module HTML] Failed test: XML-Export-Datei eines HTML-Lernmoduls in ILIAS importieren - always online (akill)
#24401: [ILIAS Page Editor] Failed test: Kategorie mit intern verlinkten Unterobjekten kopieren - Cannot link to ILIAS LM (akill)
#24732: [Cron Service] Cron-Job Zurücksetzen führt zu keiner sichtbaren Änderung (mjansen)
#24250: [Group] Failed test: Neuigkeiten in der Timeline kommentieren (akill)
#24714: [ILIAS Page Editor] Failed test: Neue Dateien als Dateiliste einfügen (akill)
#24229: [Group] Failed test: Verwalten-Menü aufrufen (akill)
#24517: [Glossary] Failed test: Hilfemodus setzen: Nur Tooltipps (akill)
#24143: [Exercise] Failed test: Abgaben zu einer Text Übungseinheit filtern und drucken (akill)
#24448: [Exercise] Failed test: Einzelne Abgaben herunterladen (akill)
#24095: [Blog] Failed test: Blog löschen (akill)
#24641: [Exercise] Failed test: Übung kopieren > Team-Wiki Übungseinheit nach Kopie nicht bearbeitbar (akill)
#24614: [Exercise] Failed test: Übungseinheit "Team-Wiki" hinzufügen MIT Vorlage und Tutor-managed Teams (akill)
#24630: [Competence Management] Failed test: Kompetenzausprägungen eine zusätzliche Lernressourcen zuweisen (akill)
#24632: [Competence Management] Failed test: Selbsteinschätzung mit Materialien belegen (akill)
#24103: [Competence Management] Kompetenzen lassen sich keine Materialien zuweisen (akill)
#24002: [Portfolio Template] Abfrage von Blogtitel und Übernahme von Kompetenzen (akill)
#24670: [Terms of Service] DB Update step 5321 tries to read a none existing directory and logs an error (mjansen)
#24202: [Online Help] help_mode vaule & main menu (akill)
#24473: [Portfolio] Failed test: Gesamte Learning History einfügen (akill)
#24398: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Testergebnisse exportieren (bheyser)
#24117: [Test & Assessment] Error on "Create Test Archive File" (bheyser)
#24550: [Language Handling] New feature mixes up "personal data" and "profile" (mkunkel)
#24371: [Certificate] Test case T27727: Custom certificate page format is not properly set when using comma as decimal point. (ntheen)
#24628: [Certificate] with or without [ ] (newest from github) (ntheen)
#23926: [Online Help] Strange bubble under top-bar icons (akill)
#24553: [News] Failed test: Zusammenfassungsmails aus Kursen und Gruppen: Mitglieder werden automatisch benachrichtigt, können aber selber die (akill)
#24400: [Certificate] Info text for certificate migration is confusing for casual users (rdittrich)
#24558: [ILIAS Page Editor] Failed test: Dateilisten verwalten (akill)
#24539: [Learning History] Syntax bei Badges-Eintrag in der Learning History (akill)
#24283: [Category and Repository] Failed test: Eintrag für händische Zuweisung Komeptenzausprägung im Kurs (akill)
#24114: [Exercise] Failed test: Blogs: Bestehendes Blog verknüpfen > Verknüpft Portfolios statt Blogs (akill)
#24355: [Exercise] Failed test: Übungseinheit "Team-Wiki" hinzufügen MIT Vorlage und Tutor-managed Teams (akill)
#24592: [Mail] Failed test TestRail #T30201 : in den Papierkorb (mjansen)
#24593: [Mail] Failed test: » T30271... an Verteilerliste (mjansen)
#24577: [Terms of Service] Failed test: Globale Rolle mit "Visible und Read auf die Administration" anlegen und testen (mjansen)
#24536: [Certificate] Test mit Zertifikat kopieren » File destination "..." already exists copy failed (ntheen)
#24451: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Persönliche Standardeinstellungen auf vorhandenen Test übertragen (bheyser)
#24493: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Export und Import eines Fragenpools mit Seiteneditorinhalten (bheyser)
#24482: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Seiteneditor für Rückmeldung und Lösungshinweise aktivieren (bheyser)
#24429: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Rückmeldung zu Freitextfrage hinzufügen (bheyser)
#24430: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Rückmeldung zu Datei hochladen-Frage hinzufügen (bheyser)
#24490: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Vorschau/Bearbeitungsmodus einer Datei hochladen-Frage aufrufen (bheyser)
#24047: [Category and Repository] Failed test: Anzahl angezeigter Objekte beschränken (akill)
#24488: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Vorschau/Bearbeitungsmodus einer Numerische Antwort-Frage aufrufen (bheyser)
#24478: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Vorschau/Bearbeitungsmodus einer Frage aufrufen (bheyser)
#24410: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Numerische Antwort-Frage erstellen (bheyser)
#24440: [Glossary] Failed test: Glossarbegriff einem Taxonomieknoten zuweisen (akill)
#24380: [Setup] PR 1249 breaks Trunk (mjansen)
#24113: [Exercise] Failed test: Blogs: Neues Blog anlegen > Zertifikat kann nicht aufgerufen werden (akill)
#24112: [Exercise] [5.4.0 beta 1] missing language variable: Blog as part of an assignment: -blog-download-submission- (akill)
#24176: [Mail] Avatar wird in Mailübersicht unterschiedlich verwendet (mjansen)
#17781: [Learning Module SCORM 2004] Für anonymous user werden Trackingdaten erhoben (ukohnle)
#24196: [PDF] phantomjs seems to not work at all (gvollbach)
#24032: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Druckansicht als PDF exportieren (bheyser)
#24496: [Metadata] Failed test: Darstellung der Taxonomien und Metadaten - Whoops on taxonomy node selection (akill)
#24500: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Fragenziehung aus Fragenpools mit instabiler Selektion (bheyser)
#24183: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Single-Choice-Frage erstellen (bheyser)
#24195: [Learning Sequence] InvalidArgumentException when beforeDeletion event is raised on deletion of mobs (rklees)
#24075: [Administration] Test54: Opening user in Admin leads to Whoops (Terms of Service related) (mjansen)
#24399: [Language Handling] Missing German translations in Achievements → Certificates (mkunkel)
#24431: [Certificate] Panelüberschrift ohne Panel (mjansen)
#24432: [Certificate] fehlerhafter Tab-Markierung nach dem Speichern (mjansen)
#24393: [Administration] Reassigning a Main Menu entry deletes it (fschmid)
#23805: [Learning History] [54] Hintergrund im Seitenelemente Learning History im Portfolio (akill)
#24264: [Export] Failed test: Zugriff auf Ergebnisse untergeordneter Benutzer (bheyser)
#23802: [Learning History] [54] Pageelement "Learning History" individuell konfigurieren (akill)
#23792: [Learning History] [54] Kompetenzeintrag aus Selbsteinschätzung geht nicht in Learning History ein (akill)
#24198: [Portfolio] Übersetzung von "Declaration of Authorship" als "Selbstständigkeitserklärung" fehlt. (akill)
#23431: [Exercise] Fehlender Platz zwischen Link (Portfolio-Titel) und Buttons (akill)
#24138: [Exercise] Failed test: Übungseinheit vom Typ Datei hinzufügen > Dateien als Arbeitsanweisung werden zweifach aufgeführt (akill)
#24186: [Chat] Failed test: Chatraum auswählen (mjansen)
#24280: [Course Management] Cannot edit goals of LOC from test53 (smeyer)
#23724: [Learning History] [5.4] Badge vom Typ Course-LP lässt sich nicht auslösen (akill)
#23788: [Portfolio] [54] Details im "Listing Panel with Lead Image" des (akill)
#24271: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Einstiegstest konfigurieren: Neu erstellter Einstiegstest mit fest definierter Fragenauswahl (bheyser)
#24256: [UI Components / KS] Fatal error - can't call ILIAS (akill)
#22998: [CSS / Templates] Copy permanent link with Mobile browsers (akill)
#24242: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Zeitverlängerung für Teilnehmer entfernen bzw. zu C6575 (Zeitzugabe, E-Klausur) (bheyser)
#24213: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Kprim Choice-Frage erstellen (bheyser)
#24227: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Test zeitlich begrenzt verfügbar machen (bheyser)
#24226: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Auswahl der Testfragen ändern: Zufällige Fragenauswahl (bheyser)
#23976: [Test & Assessment] missing language entry "-obj_tile_image_info" (bheyser)
#24201: [User Service] Deleting my own account leads to Whoops: "Identifier "ilAuth" is not defined." (smeyer)
#24062: [Administration] Testcase: 27353 - Main Menu - Eintrag "Container schon erscheint, obwohl noch kein Inhalt vorhanden ist (fschmid)
#24064: [Administration] Hauptmenu: Reihenfolge neuer Einträge im Unterregister "Einträge" (fschmid)
#24172: [Chat] Chatviewer-Block auf dem PD ohne Funktion (mjansen)
#24192: [Mail] Mail to members does not filter by position access (mjansen)
#24188: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Ableitung von neuen Fragenpools aus importierten Zufallstests (bheyser)
#23902: [Test & Assessment] Statusanzeige in Eigenschaften (bheyser)
#23859: [Test & Assessment] New Test objects are online after creaction (bheyser)
#23959: [Learning Module ILIAS : Editor] Style class "Code" cannot be edited via stylesheet (akill)
#23909: [Calendar] iCal-Button Wording (smeyer)
#24179: [Mail] Ausführen vs. Abschicken beim Verschieben von Nachrichten (mjansen)
#24177: [Mail] Hinter "An", "Betreff", etc fehlen Doppelpunkte (mjansen)
#24173: [Mail] [T30396] Posteingang verwalten - Filter (mjansen)
#23881: [Session (Course & Group)] [5.4.0 Beta 1] Participants tab in sesssions cannot be opened (smeyer)
#24001: [Certificate] Syntax des Zertifikatseintrages in der Learning History nicht komplett. (mjansen)
#23998: [Certificate] Certificate-Cards: Order of informations und Sections (ntheen)
#24158: [Certificate] Certificate: Fatal error when trying to download certificate in course (ntheen)
#24159: [Certificate] Certificate: Missing download link next to actions menu / 'No access' issue when trying to download a course certificate (ntheen)
#24098: [Cron Service] Failed test: Benachrichtigung über zu geringe Teilnehmerzahl auslösen (Cronjob fails) (mjansen)
#23929: [Session (Course & Group)] RBAC - missing lang var Metadaten bearbeiten: -sess_edit_metadata- (smeyer)
#24051: [Test & Assessment] In correction mode of error text question (Fehler/Worte markieren) all words are marked as solution (bheyser)
#24050: [Test & Assessment] html-tags are displayed in correction mode for single-choice question (bheyser)
#24104: [Competence Management] Fragen-Kompetenz-Zuordnung im Test nicht möglich (akill)
#23822: [Course Management] Course: Title in 'Settings' screen missing after "git pull" (trunk), changes are not applied (akill)
#23905: [Learning Module ILIAS : Editor] Error when create New ILIAS Learning Module (akill)
#23868: [Category and Repository] Repository Explorer/Selector: Missing Radio Buttons and checkboxes (akill)
#22570: [Language Handling] Falsche Bezeichnung für Lernmodule in dem Filter des Lernfortschritts auf dem Persönlichen Schreibtisch (akill)
#23907: [Glossary] Beim Kopieren fehlen dem Baum die Checkboxen (akill)
#23898: [Category and Repository] Limitation not correctly working in Copy/Paste Trees (akill)
#18336: [Test & Assessment] Inconsistent design of info message with action (bheyser)
#24836: [Learning Module SCORM 1.2] Failed test: Liste nach Spaltentiteln sortieren (ukohnle)
#25021: [Learning Module SCORM 1.2] Failed test: SCORM-1.2-Lernmodul importieren (ukohnle)
#25012: [Category and Repository] New Tiles colors do not look adequate with speedo/gauge (akill)
#24495: [Learning Module SCORM 2004] Failed test: Speicherung der Ergebnisse aus Aufgaben (interactions) ermöglichen (ukohnle)
#24394: [Learning Module SCORM 2004] Failed test: SCORM-2004-Lernmodul importieren (ukohnle)
#24010: [Course Management] Copying a course freezes/idles (smeyer)
#24311: [Course Management] Changing dates in Learning Plan Overview leads to crash (smeyer)
#23329: [WebDAV] Webordner kann nicht geöffnet werden (fawinike)
#24861: [Wiki] Failed test: Im Wiki suchen (smeyer)
#24232: [Mediacast] Failed test: Dateianhänge in Webfeed einfügen lassen (akill)
#24012: [Statistics and Learning Progress] Failed test: Filter nutzen (akill)
#24358: [Statistics and Learning Progress] Failed test: Lernfortschrittsstatus “Bearbeitet” in Medienobjekt auslösen (Download) (akill)
#23935: [Statistics and Learning Progress] Error message when trying to export Excel from an object's LP tab (smeyer)