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User Import Script Community

Excel based import of multiple users into ILIAS • Download and community exchange


About the Excel User Import Script
The following excel sheet allows a simple import of multiple users into ILIAS.
  1. Enter user data of multiple users
  2. Create an XML file
  3. Import it into ILIAS
- v. 2.6.7:
  • Bugfix Country/CountrySel.
  • Salutation (no more 'Gender') with added 'n' (=neutral/no salutation) value.
- v. 2.6.6:
  • Enhanced function password(pwLength, nmbrDigits, nmbrCharacters). Only in ILIAS supported characters are possible:  ( A-Z a-z 0-9 _.+?#-*@!$%~/:;)
- v. 2.6.5:
  • Enhanced function password(pwLength, nmbrDigits, nmbrCharacters). Now adding special characters is possible.
  • Abandoned MD5 encryption for passwords, finally. See Blog for details.
  • Added new column "Country (ISO)" to set selectable country field (in addition to country as plain text).
  • Small fix in SaveAsDialog: XML extension should be set by default now.
  • Some small changes to column descriptions.
- v. 2.6.4:
  • Added new row "AuthMode" (s. row comment or forum for more info, be aware of the bug!!).
  • Added new column "External Account" (s. column comment for details).
- v. 2.6.3: Added new (missing) column "Unlimited Access" (s. column comment for more info)
- v. 2.6.2: Added new column "Skin-ID" where the ILIAS skin could be set/updated for any user (s. column comment)
- v. 2.6.1: Added notification about abondoned MD5 encryption (table "MD5 Declaration")
- add birthday
- Add MSOffice 64bit support (a some older version with basic functions does exist already, s. forum).
- Fixing "limited access" time
Don't ask for Mac Support, unless you have a spare Mac with MSOffice on it. If you do, be my guest. :-)
There is also a LibreOffice Version kindly provided by Wiedorn, Joachim [joo4mart].


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by Stanislav Wischniak / Evelyn Hamm, Qualitus GmbH (based on the script by Werner Randelshofer / Peter Hofer, HS Luzern)
xlsm   275.9 KB   Version: 4   13. Jul 2020, 14:05  
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See this blog for more details on the extended script UserManagement, on the available features, next steps and everything else you might need to know when using the script
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Use this forum for questions and comments on the use, the development or anything else regarding the User Import Script
Articles: 160  
Latest Article: It's already possible, as long as the... from Stanislav Wischniak (wischniak), 28. Sep 2020, 20:13  
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This document has been created by Werner Randelshofer, HS Luzern. It is only available in German.

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