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Virtual Conference

Due to the corona pandemic the ILIAS conference will also take place completely virtually this year. But despite the lack of personal encounters we will put together a great and extensive program together - and thus reach a particularly large number of people.
The ILIAS Conference 2020 will take place together with the final conference of the project optes. Participation in the joint conference is free of charge for everyone.
Main Topics 2020:
  • Networked learning
  • Video in teaching
  • Mathematics & E-Learning (optes)
  • Digitisation of teaching and further education
  • School in times of Corona
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ILIAS Konferenz 2020 | ILIAS Conference 2020

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Anmeldung ILIAS-Konferenz und optes-Abschlusskonferenz

Gruppe der Teilnehmenden an der virtuellen ILIAS-Konferenz 2020 und optes-Abschlusskonferenz
Period of Event: 10. Sep 2020 - 11. Sep 2020  
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Keep on moving, keep on learning
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Networking ILIAS - The Way To A Worldwide Campus
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Are you ready for the next steps?
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