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Services and Support for ILIAS


Getting Support

The are several ways and levels to get support and services for ILIAS:
  • ILIAS Community Forums: This is where users can exchange ideas and ask for support from the ILIAS community. The forum is moderated by community members. To post in the forum you need to register.
  • Feature Wiki: This is the place where you can post your requirements to ILIAS and discuss ideas of new or extended features. You need to be registered at this installation to write into the wiki.
  • Bug Tracker: If you have noticed an error or problem when using ILIAS, this might be a bug. Please report it to our » Mantis bug tracker so that we can fix it quickly and offer a better ILIAS in the next release. Bug reports should be only posted to Mantis!
  • Security Issues: If you have found a security issue, please do not post it to Mantis, in order to avoid potential exploits of the issue. Instead, please do send a description of the issue to the security mailing list maintained by our Technical Board:
  • Commercial Support: Several companies are offering services and support for ILIAS. In the categroy below you find contact information for ILIAS Premium Partners and ILIAS Partners. You see also which type of support and service they are offering. For additional information, please contact the ILIAS coordination team.


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    Commercial support for ILIAS