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Extending the functionality of ILIAS with plugins and add-ons
On this page you find information about available and supported plugins and add-ons for ILIAS. Please note that these extensions and plugins are not part of the ILIAS software package. They have to be downloaded and installed additionally.

There is no warranty that the plugins published here are working flawlessly on your installation! Take care that a selected plugin is compliant to your ILIAS version.
If you want to ...

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Download and information about available ILIAS plugins and add-ons
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Forum for discussing existing plugins and add-ons and exchanging ideas for new ones
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Groups for users of selected plugins | information exchange, discussion, funding activities
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Additionally to the official plugin database there are also other pages where plugins are offered:

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Plugins for ILIAS offered by Databay AG, Würselen ••• download and demo links