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Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 22. Apr 2018, 15:25

What’s new in ILIAS 5.3?

Göran Kattenberg from our Dutch Premium Partner Future Learning created an English version of our "Beipackzettel" for ILIAS 5.2 and 5.3. He offered to share it with the international ILIAS community and we are happy to distribute it on the blog.

The "Beipackzettel" is our twist to more comprehensive release notes. It highlights the most important new features of each major ILIAS release and provides example use cases. The texts can be used for free at your institution to help users access and implement new features.

Feel free to download it here:
Thanks a lot for your work, Göran!

Göran also provided us with Dutch translations. Nice! :)

Please find them below:


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