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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 17. Dec 2013, 08:59

Crowdfunding for Data Collection

While everybody is waiting for the newest ILIAS version 4.4 to become stable, some community members are already thinking one step further and collecting ideas and requirements for ILIAS 4.5. A crowdfunding initiative has recently been started by Hansjörg Lauener from University of Berne to extend the Data Collection object of ILIAS. Everyone in the ILIAS community is invited to contribute to the collective funding of these new features!
All feature requests have the aim to improve user experience with the current implementation of the Data Collection and to enhance the possibilities of using this tool for learning and collaboration scenarios as well as for project and knowledge management. The following list contains all features that are currently not funded yet and name the price for implementation[1] . Click on the feature's title to read its feature wiki entry.
If you want to contribute to this initiative by financing one or more of the listed features, please contact Hansjörg Lauener or Matthias Kunkel for further details.

[1] Because all features will be implemented by the maintainer of the Data Collection, studer+raimann ag, all prices are in Swiss Francs. The first price is the regular price, the second the reduced price for members of the ILIAS society. VAT is not included.


User Image: lauener
Lauener, Hansjörg [lauener] - 13. Mar 2014

First success: The university of Bern could fund 12% of the crowdfunding. Studer&Raimann already developed them for v. ILIAS 4.5. See:

=> 15 Kommentarfunktion der Detaileinträge - University of Bern (CHF 2052)
=> 16 Blätterfunktion in Detailansicht - University of Bern (CHF 2052)

Second success: Cognos can help funding a part of the necessary funding for features 1 and 10. Additional funding is highly appreciated.