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Component Maintainers and Testers

ILIAS Maintenance

The development of the ILIAS source code is coordinated and maintained by a coordination team within the ILIAS network. Besides the main responsibilities for the project, several developers and users are maintaining certain modules of ILIAS.

Special Roles

  • Product Management: [Matthias Kunkel]
  • Technical Board: [Alexander Killing], [Michael Jansen], [Timon Amstutz], [Richard Klees], [Stephan Winiker]
  • Testcase Management: [Fabian Kruse]
  • Documentation: [Florian Suittenpointner]
  • Online Help: [Alexandra Tödt]


We highly appreciate to get new developers but we have to guarantee the sustainability and the quality of the ILIAS source code. The system is complex for new developers and they need to know the concepts of ILIAS that are described in the development guide.

Communication among developers that are working on a specific component needs to be assured. Final decision about getting write access to the ILIAS development system (Github) is handled by the product manager.

ILIAS is currently maintained by three types of Maintainerships:

The following rules must be respected for everyone involved in the programming of ILIAS for all components having a listed component maintainer (see below):

  1. Decisions on new features or feature removals are made by the responsible first maintainer and the product manager in the Jour Fixe meetings after an open discussion.
  2. All components have a first and second maintainer. Code changes are usually done by the first maintainer. The first maintainer may forward new implementations to the second maintainer.

Responsibilities of a component maintainer:

  • Component maintainer must assure maintenance of their component for at least three years (approx. three ILIAS major releases).
  • Component maintainers must agree to coordinate the development of their component with the product manager.
  • Component maintainer are responsible for bug fixing of their component and get assigned related bugs automatically by the Issue-Tracker.

Becoming a Maintainer

Applications for maintainerships can be handed in to the product manager. The product manager together with the technical board decide on who becomes a maintainer. Maintainerships are listed with the name of the maintainer. In addition the company the maintainer is working for can be listed, too. In this second case the company can suggest a new maintainer to the product manager, if the employee leaves the company.

Current Maintainerships

Components in the Coordinator Model Coordinator Model:

The following directories are currently maintained under the Coordinator Model:

  • src/Refinery
  • src/UI

The following directories are currently unmaintained:

  • Services/DiskQuota
  • Services/Membership
  • Services/OpenIdConnect
  • Services/PHPUnit
  • Services/QTI
  • Services/Randomization
  • src/ArtifactBuilder