Prioritising Bug Reports (only for institutional members of ILIAS Society)

With the introduction of the new bug fixing process in 2015, the possibility of prioritising bugs was introduced. The aim is to identify the bugs that are of great importance to many users and should therefore be fixed as quickly as possible. Prioritisation applies to all bug reports that have the status "fixing according to priorisation" - in short, "fixing acc. to prio".

Who can prioritise bugs?

In order to make the institutional membership in the ILIAS Society more attractive, and to take into account the importance of these members, only institutional members can prioritise bugs. For this purpose, each institutional member nominates a person to take on this task for the respective university, school, institution or company and informs the office of the Society accordingly. The corresponding Mantis account is provided with the appropriate rights.

In order to ensure that critical bugs are addressed in a timely manner, the ILIAS Product Manager and the ILIAS Society's Test Manager also can prioritise bugs since November 2021.

How to prioritise a bug?

Authorised users in Mantis can open an existing bug report in edit mode and enter their priority in the "Fixing Priority" line (lower part of the form).
  • Each bug report can be prioritised with exactly one vote.
  • The number of bug reports that can be prioritised is unlimited.
  • To prioritise a bug report, the option "Has Priority / Hat Prioritaet" is selected in the dropdown. To cancel this designation, the option "No Priority / Keine Prioritaet" is available. Finally, the change in the form must be saved.
Selection of the "Fixing Priority" via dropdown in the editing mode of a bug report

Where do you see the priority level of a bug report?

All users on Mantis can see the current prioritisation for each bug report. The prioritisation is done with numerical values. A 3 means that three institutional members of the ILIAS Society rate this bug as a priority. On the View Issues page, there is a "Fixing Priority" column that also shows the prioritisation level. The table can also be sorted by these values.

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