Testing Does Matter

Each new version of ILIAS (ILIAS 7, ILIAS 8, etc.) gets thoroughly tested by our community. 70 to 80 volunteers test all features and report any bugs they may find. This helps to fix most bugs before the new version gets released.

The testing procedure works as follows:
  1. A beta version of ILIAS is released. It contains all new features, but is not stable yet.
  2. This beta version gets installed on our official test installation. For ILIAS 8, the adress is:
  3. All volunteers get access to our test management software TestRail. In TestRail, thousands of test cases describe exactly how ILIAS should be tested.
  4. Volunteers open a test case in TestRail and execute the described steps on our test installation.
  5. The case gets the status "passed" in TestRail. In case of an error the case gets the status "failed" and a bug is created on our bugtracker Mantis.
  6. Once the bug got fixed, the tester executes the same test case again and - hopefully - can set the status "passed".
On the following pages we collect everything you need to know in order to successfully test ILIAS. Should you have any doubts or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the test manager Fabian Kruse under!

Help wanted!

Thorough testing requires time and knowledge. For testing ILIAS, we rely on the voluntary support of many of our users and members of the ILIAS community. Only thanks to their support, we are able to test ILIAS thoroughly and promptly.

Please support us and invest some of your time into testing ILIAS! The more people help, the faster we are done and the more stable ILIAS will be for us all. The ILIAS Society will support you with testing manuals, know how and the provision of the required test platforms.

We are always looking for new testers and test case authors! If you are interesed in testing, please contact Fabian Kruse:

You can see here which modules still require testers and authors.

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