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Testing Does Matter

Testing is a very important part of the development of ILIAS. Only through testing it can be ensured that new features are actually usable in daily work - and that existing features from earlier versions of ILIAS continue to work.
Our testers are normally the first real users of new features. Consequently, testing a new part of ILIAS also includes a look at usability: Usability issues and a bad user interface are both legitimate concerns that should be reported as a bug to the responsible developer.
On the following pages we collect everything you need to know in order to successfully test ILIAS. Should you nave any doubts or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us under!

Help wanted!

Thorough testing requires time and knowledge. For testing ILIAS, we rely on the voluntary support of many of our users and members of the ILIAS community. Only thanks to their support, we are able to test ILIAS thoroughly and promptly.

Please support us and invest some of your time into testing ILIAS! The more people help, the faster we are done and the more stable ILIAS will be for us all. The ILIAS Society will support you with testing manuals, know how and the provision of the required test platforms.

We are always looking for new testers and test case authors! If you are interesed in testing, please contact Fabian Kruse:

You can see here which modules still require testers and authors.

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