How to Write a Bug Report

When you find a bug in ILIAS, you should always create a new bug report in our bugtracker Mantis. Only through this report, the developer learns about the issue and can fix it. Hence, it is important to create bug reports that are clear and comprehensible.
Hint for all official testers: Bugs that you encounter during our official testing phase should always be pushed to Mantis from within TestRail. Instructions on how to do so can be found at the end of the page TestRail for Testers. Please also read the following remarks on how to create proper bug reports.
When creating bug reports, please take into consideration the following pointers:
  1. Choose the correct project and category: For our testing phase, ILIAS core is the correct project. The categories are coherent with the name of our Test Suites, e.g. "File", "Test & Assessment", "Survey" and so on. Normally, this is the correct category, unless you are testing a general service and have encountered issues that are relevant to other categories.
    • When creating a bug report from TestRail, this (and the following) data can only be selected after clicking on the "Push" button. Please be sure to check whether the category is correct!
  2. Add a helpful title: The text field "Summary" serves as a title of the bug in Mantis. It's helpful to create a short summary of the issue in order to identifiy it more easily. As the issues are ordered by module, it’s not necessary to add information on the module here. Rather, explain what is happening - or not happening, depending on the issue. When pushing a bug report from TestRail, this field will automatically contain the following text: "Failed test: NAME OF TEST CASE". This information should be changed or  amended whenever required.
  3. How did the error occur? In order to help the developer to find the cause of an error, he often needs to reproduce it.
    • Explain what happened under Description.
    • Add all necessary steps to reproduce the bug under Steps to Reproduce. Apart from entering text, you can also upload a video.
    • If you would like to add further information, feel free to do so.
    • When pushing a bug from TestRail, only the field Description is shown to you. There, you can enter the step of the test case where the bug happened. All pushed bug reports contain a link back to the original test case in TestRail so that it's easy for the developer to reproduce the bug. Hence, reporting a bug from TestRail is easier and faster for both parties involved.
  4. Where can the bug be seen or reproduced? As you are testing ILIAS on the official test platform, please include a link to the object where the error happened. Do not copy the link from your browser navigation bar, but rather use the permalink that can be found in the footer of most pages in ILIAS. If you cannot find the link, include the name of the installation, object and tab.
  5. Did ILIAS show an error message? On the official test platforms, Whoops messages contain important information for our developers. Please paste the error message and the stacktrace directly into the bug report.
  6. Screenshots may help to understand the bug: Before writing a long report, think about whether it’s easier to explain your issue by adding a screenshot. This can be done by using the upload dialog in Mantis under Upload File. Please be sure to only upload screenshots in web formats like JPG or PNG. Adding PDFs or Word documents is often tedious for the developers and fellow testers.
    • TestRail also allows you to add files and images to a report. NEW IN ILIAS 7 TEST: You can either add them to the test result and only keep them in TestRail OR add them in ther Push dialog. If you add them in the Push dialog, the screenshot will be pushed to Mantis, making it faster for the developer to see it.
  7. Only report the same bug once! If one and the same bug occurs at different stages of your testing process, please only report it ONCE. If you would like to add further information, open the existing bug report and add a note. Adding the same issue in several reports only slows down our maintainers and will result in delays.
  8. Save your bug report by clicking on the Submit (TestRail) or Submit Report (Mantis) button.

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