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Below you find the programme of the International ILIAS Conference 2020 that was hold together with the final conference of the optes project. Click on a the programme slots to be re-directed to the presentations (and videos if available). All English presentations and workshops are marked with an asterics.
Thursday, 10 Sep 2020, 09h30 - 10h45
Opening of Conference and Welcome
Keynote: Das Pandemie-Semester – Digitales L(l)ernen im Studium vor und während Covid-19 , Prof. Dr. Jan Ehlers, Universität Witten-Herdecke
Thursday, 10 Sep 2020, 11h00 - 12h30
Selbststudium im digitalen Wandel, Prof. Dr. Roland Küstermann, DHBW Karlsruhe
Where we are, where we go *, Timon Amstutz & Matthias Kunkel, ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V.
Thursday, 10 Sep 2020, 12h30 - 13h30
Lunch Break
Foyer VC opens
(until 16h00 and again Friday, 10h00 - 15h45)
Chat with other participants – open your own VC – look for support
Thursday, 10 Sep 2020, 13h30 - 15h00
Thursday, 10 Sep 2020, 15h30 - 17h00
Friday, 11 Sep 2020, 09h45 - 11h15
Friday, 11 Sep 2020, 11h30 - 13h00
Friday, 11 Sep 2020, 14h00 - 15h30
Friday, 11 Sep 2020, 15h45 - 16h00
ILIAS Community Award and Farewell
* = Presentation or workshop in English, no simultaneous translation




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