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Didactic Templates

Templates for easy implementing didactic scenarios
On this page you find some Didactic Templates for free. Use them to realise complex didactic permission settings with only one click. As user you just select the preferred scenario and ILIAS sets all permissions accordingly, creates new roles if necessary and assign the needed permission policy to the created object automatically.

Some favoured scenarios:
  • Post box: Course and group members can upload own files into a folder but do not see those from others.
  • School client: Different templates for using easily in schools.
  • FAQ forum: Users can reply to existing threads in a forum but are not able to create new threads.
For more information about didactic templates read our Introduction to Didactic Templates!


For discussing and suggesting templates
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Learning Resources

Learning Module ILIAS
How to write and use didactic templates in ILIAS


A didactic template for categories. Creates a new local role with administrative permissions and blocks the permissions of all superior roles.
xml   26.1 KB   17. Nov 2011, 12:05  
xml   4.5 KB   22. Oct 2020, 15:11  
Course with an additional 'Course Allocator' role.
xml   717 bytes   18. Oct 2016, 15:45  
Course with an additional 'Course Author' role.
xml   3.9 KB   18. Oct 2016, 16:00  
Takes away the "Add Thread" permission for course / group members and global "User" role in forums. If you have renamed the "User" role on your installation, please modify the template before importing it.
xml   1.4 KB   11. Nov 2015, 15:28  
A didactic template for folders. Gives course and group members the possibility to exchange files.
xml   1.4 KB   17. Nov 2011, 12:06  
Course / group members can upload file in folder but cannot see other member's files
xml   1.3 KB   03. Feb 2012, 10:04  
Lot of template-examples. You need a second group- or coursemember-account, to test the effect. Includes now also "own files" - "Eigene Dateien" Grands rights to Group-Admin
zip   9.9 KB   Version: 3   15. Mar 2020, 13:59  
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