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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 13. Oct 2013, 10:43

Multilingual repository and learning modules

Up to now, a learning module or a category page was always written and presented in one language - except you put texts in more than one language on a page. With 4.4 it will be possible to offer ILIAS learning modules and pages of categories, groups or courses in several languages and to present it according to the user's language setting or preference.
Multilingual content is a setting in learning modules and has to be enabled for the selected module. Each multilingual learning module has one fallback or master language that is always available. Translations are made from master pages and their content.
The language version is always page-based. An existing page of the master language is copied and then translated. This allows to have slight differences between master page and translation. Example: the information of a paragraph of the English master page might not be relevant for the French version and therefore be deleted while an additional paragraph for the French version can be added that is not part of the English master version.
Multilingual content support is not only offered for paragraphs but for all page elements that contain text, e.g. captions, accordion titles and even subtitles for videos.
And ILIAS 4.4 offers multilingual content also for category , course and group pages. This allows to offer the repository in different languages without duplicating the structure of the repository. Instead of creating language-specific threads you only have every category only once but offered in different language versions.
Last but not least - multilingual learning modules are a pre-requisite to have a localized online help. With 4.4 the existing German version of the online help can now be translated to English, French or any other language. But one problem lasts. The language support of ILIAS ends at the translation of the texts. This work still has to be done manually and without the help of ILIAS.


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