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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 23. Mar 2013, 11:12

New Collection of Known Installations

A new data collection of known ILIAS installations worldwide has been started at, see Known Installations. It replaces the former ILIAS learning module. Due to the features of the new data collection object every registered user can add the own ILIAS installation and edit his or her entries. A possibility to upload a screenshot of the own ILIAS is possible as well. All administrators of ILIAS installations are invited to add the information about their own installation to the collection.


User Image: mkunkel
Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 02. Sep 2013

Hi Rajesh, I have added "India" to the country dropdown and assigned your institution to it. Hope the number of installations in India will now increase rapidly ;-)
User Image: karkera
Karkera, Rajesh [karkera] - 24. Aug 2013

Matthias, Can you please add 'India' in the country dropdown list for registration of institutions please? I guess our installation at my University is the first in 'India' :)
User Image: Joke
van Cappelle, Joke [Joke] - 26. Mar 2013

Where is the old list Matthias? We use this also for promotion. Now is there almost nothing more to see.