ILIAS 4.2 Features


  • 4.2.0 stable: 04 October 2011
  • 4.2.0_beta1: 05 August 2011
  • Feature freeze: 31 March 2011


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Your find more information about new and extended features that have been implemented for ILIAS 4.2 at the 4.2 feature wiki page.

ILIAS core

User Interface, Usability and Accessibility

Personal Desktop and General Services

Groupware and Course Management

Communication and Syndication

Learning and Content Management

Learning Module ILIAS:
  • Copy Learning Modules
  • Deactivation of Page History
  • Embed Questions from Pools in Learning Modules
  • Export IDs for Learning Module Pages
  • Question Type Drop Down
  • Revision of Automatic Question Feedback in learning modules
  • Set layout for multiple pages in Learning Modules
  • Usability improvements for LM editor

Learning Module SCORM:
  • New placeholders in SCORM-Certificate
  • SCORM 1.2 Interface without JAVA
  • SCORM 2004 RTE: Improvements
  • SCORM 2004 RTE: 4th Edition Support
  • SCORM 2004 RTE: Performance
  • SCORM Debugger for SCORM data
  • SCORM Editor: Assets, Entry and Completion Page
  • SCORM Editor: Extended Support for Question Types
  • SCORM Editor: HTML Export
  • SCORM Editor: Import/Export for Page Templates
  • SCORM Editor: Interactive images, image type limitation
  • SCORM Editor: Keep sequencing and metadata information on import, Expert mode for sequencing editing
  • SCORM Editor: Optional learning objectives, bullet lists
  • SCORM Editor: Styles for RTE navigation

Media Pools:
  • Quick Import for Media Objects
  • Reduce Number of Versions in Usage Tab
  • Show only current usage of Snippets/Media Objects

  • Automatic Table of Contents in wikis
  • Blocking of single wiki pages
  • Bread-crumb to navigate wiki within "last visited"
  • Export of wikis (HTML)
  • Instance Link Areas
  • Links to other ILIAS resources in wikis
  • Page last modified information on wiki pages
  • Rename wiki pages
  • Revision and extension of Wiki Navigation
  • Wiki Editor - Set an anchor in a page
  • Wiki-Editor / Submit-Buttons
  • WYSIWYG and chapter-wise editing in wikis
  • Reorganising Editor Administration

Test, Survey and Exercises



Abandoned features