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3.8.6 (stable)

Very important notes for MySQL 4.1.x users:

If you update from ILIAS 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 and already used MySQL 4.1.x: Due to a problem in the UTF-8 handling some extra update steps are necessary. Please click here and follow the instructions.

If you just plan to update from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x please read our Migrating from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x instructions.
Release 3.8.6 has been published on Feburary 4, 2008.
Release 3.8.6 is a bugfix release and does not contain major new features compared to release 3.8.0.

Please read the 3.8.0 release report for information about major changes and new features.

Information about first time installation can be found here.

Important note for Updates: Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 3.7.x -> 3.8.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.

Download 3.8.6.tar.gz
(.tar.gz; 46MB; 2008-02-04)

md5: bd0e938385c4813a5f58a847e5065292

Known Issues

1. Test & Assessment / Survey RBAC patch

Adding new questions from within a test / survey generates a list of available question pools to store the question. This list is generated by compiling question pools with read permission for the active user instead of write permission.

To fix this, please download the following patch file. It contains the files class.ilObjQuestionPool.php, class.ilObjTest.php class.ilObjTestGUI.php, class.ilObjSurveyQuestionPool.php, class.ilObjSurvey.php, class.ilObjSurveyGUI.php. Please make a backup copy of the existing files Modules/TestQuestionPool/classes/class.ilObjQuestionPool.php, Modules/Test/classes/class.ilObjTest.php, Modules/Test/classes/class.ilObjTestGUI.php, Modules/SurveyQuestionPool/classes/class.ilObjSurveyQuestionPool.php, Modules/Survey/classes/class.ilObjSurvey.php, Modules/Survey/classes/class.ilObjSurveyGUI.php and move the patch .php files into the related directories and overwrite the original files.

- - md5sum: e393d6ff42c9c236a46dfa6f408f0fa6
2. Upload Security Patch

This patch eliminates a security issue regarding the file upload.

The zip file contains one file:

Please backup your current version of Services/Utilities/classes/class.ilUtil.php and copy the patch file to the corresponding directory.

- - md5sum: 4066fb4446101db9d26a0f6b5912374f

Fixed Bugs

  • Media Pools: Fixed adding new media objects to media pools. (Alex Killing)
  • Repository: Fixed Bug #3233: Adding new learning objects - return button (IE). (Alex Killing)
  • Files: Fixed Bug #3254: Description of file is shortened automatically. (Alex Killing)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed magic_quotes_gpc but in cloze questions. With magic_quote_gpc enabled, answers containing a quote have been double quoted (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-31)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed Mantis bug #3294: Anonymous tests are not anonymous (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-29)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed Mantis bug #3188: Test duplication: settings are not copied (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-27)
  • Test & Assessment, Survey: Fixed Mantis bug #3288: Cannot assign page or chapter as solution for question. Fixed error message which occured due to security changes in the ilObject constructor (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-27)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed Mantis bug #3281: Java Applet needs 'value_1_1=' to save data. Fixed SOAP function which saves the Java Applet results. The function always returned TRUE even if wrong parameters have been sent (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-26)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed Mantis bug #3278: List of Answers is shown in tests even if disabled (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-23)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed output of question titles when the title output is forbidden in test settings (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-23)
  • Survey: Added missing textblocks to survey printview (Helmut Schottmüller, 2008-01-03)