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Help to finance new ILIAS features!
Donate for Development
The ILIAS development is driven and funded by its users. But there are always more ideas for improving and extending the software than there is money to implement them.

With your contribution to a crowdfunding you can help us to implement specific features you are interested in!

How to Contribute

  • Have a look at our data collection below to see which features need funding.
  • Feel free to add your own funding suggestion and start a crowdfunding project.
  • Or rate the existing features for funding to show us that users would like to have this feature.

How to start your own crowdfunding project for an ILIAS feature?

  1. Take an existing ILIAS feature request from the feature wiki or create a new one there. Requests are accepted for core features and plugins but not for other implementing third-party software.
  2. Then add a new entry in the Crowdfunding for ILIAS data collection and fill out the form (you need the link to the feature wiki page for this).
  3. Finally contact the ILIAS core team for additional information and coordination.

Need inspiration?

If you need some inspiration for a feature to support, check out our list of important features that we would like to implement in the future.