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Commercial support for ILIAS

ILIAS Premium Partner

The following service providers are members of the ILIAS open source e-Learning society. They are active supporters of ILIAS and its community and fulfill therefore the criteria for ILIAS Premium Partners (see below). We are offering a mailing list to contact all registered ILIAS serviceproviders easily. Just send your request to
CaT Concepts and Training GmbH
Cologne, Germany
ILIAS consulting, training, hosting, customizing, software development and content development
Claudia Glander : claudia.glander AT
Databay AG
Würselen, Germany
ILIAS hosting, ASP, development and customizing
ILIAS consulting, software development and customizing, hosting, training, support and content development
Ralf Schenk : rs AT
Future Learning BV
Roosendaal, The Netherlands
ILIAS training, hosting, consulting, customizing and (SCORM) content development
internetlehrer GmbH
Bruchsal, Germany
Content and development (SCORM)
Uwe Kohnle : kohnle AT
Kröpelin Projekt GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Consulting, authoring and project development
Philipp Kröpelin : info AT
Cologne, Germany
ILIAS consulting, software development, customizing, hosting, training and support
Alexander Killing : info AT
OC LAB srl
Rovereto (TN), Italy
ILIAS consulting and customizing
Roberto del Mastro : roberto AT
Qualitus GmbH
Cologne, Germany
ILIAS training, consulting, hosting, development, customizing, support, documentation, software testing and content development
Dr. Norbert Bromberger : bromberger AT
studer + raimann ag
Burgdorf / Bern, Switzerland
ILIAS training, consulting, hosting and development
vimotion GmbH
Althütte/Stuttgart, Germany
Consulting, content and software development, customizing, hosting, training
Harald Grübele : harald.gruebele AT

Other Service Providers

Besides the above mentioned ILIAS Premium Partners and ILIAS Partners there are also other companies that offer services around ILIAS but do not fulfill the activity status criterias.
Juku Lab LLC
Tallinn, Estonia
ILIAS consulting, customizing and hosting
Andres Mellik: andres AT
Criteria for Partner Status of Service Providers
The following criteria have been defined by the society's board to decide about the status of service providers as ILIAS Partner and ILIAS Premium Partner.
  • ILIAS Premium Partner: Activity status with a minimum of 4 points and Service Provider membership in the ILIAS society.
  • ILIAS Partner: Activity status with a minimum of 4 points but no membership as Service Provider.
Activity Status
The activity status is composed by several criteria of activities in the ILIAS community. The points of all fulfilled criteria is determining the status.
• Module or Plugin Maintainer
• Component Tester
• Language Maintainer
• Organising Community
• Active in Forum Moderation
• Active in Special Interest Group
• Regular Participation at Jour Fixe / DevConf
• Campaigns for ILIAS memberships

If you are offering service for ILIAS and want to be listed on this page, please contact the ILIAS team.