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  • quax | quax | 06. Dec 2018, 11:45
    How to Customizing the LearningModule?

    I want to customize the ILIAS LearningModule. I found out that I have to change the file /Services/COPage/xsl/page.xsl. Change the file, overwrite the original and it works fine.

    But: do not make changes in the core-files - they only live until the next update ;)

    So I thought it could be similar like the tpl-files. Move a copy of my changed file to /Customizing/global/skin/my-skin/Services/COPage/xsl/

    But that didnt work. Have someone a hint how to move this file to work?


  • Timon Amstutz | amstutz | 14. Dec 2018, 09:48
    How to Customizing the LearningModule?
    Hi @quax,

    Best, describe in a bit more detail what exactly you are trying to change. Maybe there would be a work around. Currently you are correct.

    AFAIK, if you change the xsl, you would have to do it with a pacht. However, I guess this would not be impossible to change but only by creating a new Feature Request for ILIAS 6.0.