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Data Collection - Option: Click to Text or Pictures should forward to the detail page

1 Requirements

We would have a new option when you define the settings of a field:
=> Show link in list-view. Forwards to the detail page.
This is useful, eg. for FAQs in courses.

2 Additional Information

  • Funding: Universität Hohenheim
  • Maintainer: Martin Studer
  • Development: Implementation of the feature is done by (tbd)

3 Discussion

JF 25 Nov 2013: We appreciate this idea and schedule it for 4.5.
HL, 24.3.2014: Need more information about the crowdfunding initiative?
See Blog-posting (Feature 2):
or Crowdfunding-page:
If you want to contribute to this crowdfunding initiative by financing one or more of the listed features, please contact Hansjörg Lauener or Matthias Kunkel for further details.

4 Implementation

This feature is now available in the trunk. Text and MOB datatypes both have a new checkbox setting "Link entries to detail page". If checked and a View-Definition is available, all entries are displayed as link pointing to the detail entry of the record.

Last edited: 21. Apr 2015, 17:57, Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel]

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