7.4 (stable)

Release 7.4 has been published on November 3, 2021
  • Please read the ILIAS 7 feature page for information about new and abandoned features and changed behaviour of this version.
  • You find information about first time installation of ILIAS 7 and updating here.
  • Please also have a look at the Required Software for ILIAS 7 page.
If you use a customized skin/style, please change the skin settings for root user and default of installation to ‘delos‘ before upgrading to ILIAS 7. Otherwise you may not login any more due to templates changes in former versions.
The storing of files will be changed and improved with ILIAS 7. All files need to be migrated to the new structure. More information is available in the installation instruction.
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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md5: 4afbbe426af18833c07f9abb3e159c51

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md5: 3cde0e999153b65623481b7fd14f0163 

Important Changes

  • ILIAS Page Editor
    • With Release 7, the ILIAS page editor was fundamentally revised. As part of the page editor, the content style was also adjusted and redundant text and block formats removed. You can see the list of removed paragraphs here:
      • [[Page Editor » Text Editing]]
    • When updating to ILIAS 7, please bear in mind that the changes in the content style will affect your existing content. To prevent this, you can export the content style before an update OR download the ILIAS 6 Default Content Style from the following link:
  • Setup
    • With ILIAS 7 the GUI for the Setup has been abandoned. Installing and updating ILIAS is now handled by a command line implementation of the setup. The features for maintenance mode and multi-clients have been removed completely as discussed in the context of the Setup Revision. For more information about the new Setup please have a look into the detailed documentation of the setup in the file setup/ or take a look into the ILIAS installation instructions at docs/configuration/
  • Migration of files
    • In addition to the new setup via CLI, since version 7 ILIAS also requires that so-called migrations are carried out after an update. With ILIAS 7, such a migration is, for example, that files are migrated from the file object into the new resource storage service. These migrations can already be started after the update in live mode. To do this, run# php setup/cli.php migratein the CLI for more information.

Known Issues

  • none

Changed Behaviour

Fixed Issues

Security Fixes
#31512: [User Service] Leaked fullnames and login (reported by Jochen Erkens - FH Aachen)
The following issues reported in Mantis have been resolved:
#31530: [Forum] Latest Article > From: Redirection to wrong profile (mjansen)
#31507: [Forum] Notifications: Hits/Page cannot be switched (mjansen)
#31240: [ILIAS Page Editor] ILIAS-Page Editor - Error Occurs (akill)
#31087: [ILIAS Page Editor] Learning Module Page: Internal link after saving for the first time (akill)
#31225: [ILIAS Page Editor] Target not found -> pasting Internal Links in Learning Module (akill)
#31210: [ILIAS Page Editor] Insert Media from Mediapool top of page (akill)
#31214: [ILIAS Page Editor] Insert a) text and b) a Single-Choice Question in a Attention-Block in the ILIAS-LM (akill)
#31479: [Language Handling] Typo: Authorisierungssystem (mkunkel)
#31450: [Login, Auth & Registration] access limitation rules for Self-Registration leads to error (mbarz)
#31421: [Main Menu] MainMenu: administration menu regression (fschmid)
#31000: [Metadata + ADT] Feldtyp Auswahlliste (Einfachauswahl) und Auswahlliste (Mehrfachauswahl) funktionieren nicht im Portfolio (smeyer)
#31350: [Survey] Radiobuttons in Survey missing (akill)
#31386: [¥ Tiny MCE] TinyMCE 5.x: Wrong HTTP path set to template (Jephte)
#31515: [¥ Web Access Checker] initIlias fails silently (mjansen)