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UI-Kitchen-Sink Project


The UI-Kitchen-Sink Poject has been initiated due to main issues in the current UI of ILIAS:
  1. Disparate UI
    • diminishes learnability of the system
    • dminishes user experience
  2. Need for refactoring
    • outdated libraries used for some elements
    • missing or outdated guidelines


The main goal of the UI-Kitchen-Sink is therefore to establish a tool and workflow to document and demonstrate UI components used in ILIAS including DOM, LESS and JS
  • Create a relevant resource for UI development at a place where it is easily found and consulted
  • Document UI status and suggest rules in this resource
  • Agree upon rules and
  • Include UI considerations into Jour Fixe on regular basis
  • Fix UI elements that do not adhere to rules
  • Improve DOM Framework
  • Prepare JS guidelines
All entries that have been entered into the JF are listed in the following landing page: Kitchen Sink
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