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This plugin provides a test question type for mathematical questions that are calculated by a Computer Algebra System (CAS).
This plugin is based on STACK, developed by Chris Sangwin, and uses MAXIMA as Computer Algebra System. The plugin has been developed and is maintained by Jesús Copado and Fred Neumann, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. Funding has been realised through crowdfunding in the ILIAS community.
A tryout platform is available at:
Questions and comments can be posted in the dedicated STACK User Forum
Please use the feature wiki page to discuss ideas for new features with the SIG Mathe+ILIAS

Please use the general ILIAS bugtracker Mantis for reporting bugs and problems. You only need to select "ILIAS plugins" as project and "STACK question type" as category:


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Forum for exchange of experience and ideas for the STACK plugin in ILIAS
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