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Discussion and support forums for ILIAS user community


Welcome to the ILIAS Support and Community Forums!
These forums are offered for discussion and questions about ILIAS and how to use it. The main language for communication within the ILIAS community is English, although you are allowed to post questions and comments in other languages as well.

If you are interested in announcements from the ILIAS community only, please use our mailing lists for developers or administrators.

Please note that the mailing lists are for announcements only. Discussion of all announcements is possible and encouraged directly in the forums below.
Please notice that the following issues are not discussed in these forums but rather are subject to other processes:


Icône Forum
All about system administration, settings, installation, setup, user interface, usability and core issues. Archive and discussion for announcements on
Articles: 7235  
Dernier Article: Hi, das kann man nicht woanders einst... de wolfganghuebsch, 16. Aoû 2019, 06:50  
Icône Forum
Forum for discussing the ILIAS features in practice, like learning and content management, courses and groups, tests, exercices, surveys and ...
Articles: 5005  
Dernier Article: Hello Ingrid,Yes, I was indeed referr... de Fabian Kruse (Fabian), 15. Aoû 2019, 15:15  
Icône Forum
Regional and national user communities, jobs and more
Articles: 276  
Dernier Article: Zur Realisierung hochschulinterner Ma... de Hansjörg Lauener (lauener), 24. Juil 2019, 16:52  
Icône Forum
Forum for discussing existing plugins and add-ons and exchanging ideas for new ones
Articles: 650  
Dernier Article: Hi, I am the new maintainer for the b... de alexloehr, 14. Aoû 2019, 14:20  
Icône Forum
For discussing and suggesting templates
Articles: 68  
Dernier Article: Not a template in the meaning of layo... de Florian Suittenpointner (suittenpointner), 25. Juil 2019, 15:02  
Icône Forum
Archive and discussion for announcements on
Articles: 49  
Dernier Article: Hi Alex,We will try that plugin. Than... de yvthulek, 16. Juil 2019, 11:07  

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